Top Brown Eyeliners To Try

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Your eyes have their vocabulary and reveal what your tongue could never express. (Try looking at someone without noticing their eyes first if you don't believe it.) Indeed, facial beauty is a combination of many features but what goes on in your eyes is what makes you truly beautiful.

Furthermore, the bones around your eye are directly linked to how attractive you seem to others. A large circular orbit is more attractive than a smaller one by current standards. It might be that this bone structure provides support to your eyes and means that your face is more protected from danger.

The shape and structure of your eyelids determine the form of your eyes, and some are more attractive than others. For instance, droopy, saggy eyelids signify aging and, thus, not considered sexually attractive because older women are no longer fertile.

Have you ever thought about what being sexy truly means? It's mainly that possible mates want to have sex with you to make babies, consciously or unconsciously. They perceive you as healthy, which means you have good genes worthy of propagation.

Eyelashes also contribute to the attractiveness or unattractiveness of your eyes. Studies reveal that dark and thick ones that nicely frame your eyes as they curve over the shape of your eyelids are attractive. It seems hard to believe, but your lashes' length isn't as important as density.

Eyebrows are also important, but not as much as they don't contribute to your eye shape. So, they're not as important in terms of aesthetics – contrary to what you hear in the media. As you can see, your eyes tell a story, and even the smallest change in color or shape can dramatically enhance your appearance and boost your confidence.

A History of Eyeliners

People have been experimenting with enhancing their eye color since ancient times. You can find examples of eyeliners as early as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia — most likely inspired by some animals' eyes. This trend expanded to the rest of the world and is now an important part of our modern makeup look.

As we said above, the first eyeliner most likely appeared in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia over 12 thousand years ago. Both genders, especially those of high status, used it to protect their eyes from the constant exposure to the desert's wind, sun, and heat. They probably thought it looked nice and started using it to define their eyes better later.

Eyeliners were one of many cosmetic products these ancient peoples used, and it was more than a fashion accessory for some. Some saw it as an earthly connection to their gods. The fall of the Egyptian Empire led to a sort of downfall in eyeliners in Europe, especially during the reign of the Greek and Roman empires. People still used eyeliner in Asia, but this trend didn't influence European fashion, not even after it came out from the Dark ages into Renaissance and modern ages.

The modern era of eyeliners began during the 1920s. Many women had stepped away from Victorian fashion and embraced the new trends fueled by the rich and famous stage actors. Of course, cosmetic companies realized the profits they could generate and allocated large sums of money to marketing efforts.

A boom in cosmetic products could make women look just like their favorite actresses. Eyeliners also became popular in 1922 after the archeological discovery under the pyramids of Giza: the tomb of Tutankhamun, the ancient Egyptian pharaoh. All of his treasures were intact, and the worldwide coverage of the event introduced his ancient eyeliner to the west, where it became a hit.

The initial moderate use of eyeliner between the 20s and 60s led to new trends like the Punk and Gothic styles, which relied on dramatic eye effects. Eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara were the most sought-after cosmetics to pull these off. Then came the 2000s, and the Emo subculture made eyeliners popular among the male population. The eyeliner is still quite popular, especially among the female population, and it seems to be here to stay.

closeup of a variety of brown eyeliner pencils

Black vs. Brown Eyeliners

When selecting an eyeliner, you must consider a few things; you may actually like nontraditional colors like green, blue, purple, or burgundy more than their black or brown counterparts.

But, OK, let's stick to the brown pencil eyeliner. Brown is a more natural color, and there are lighter and darker tones to suit all skin tones. This color gives you a softer look and adds depth to your eyes. Whether you smudge it, a brown eyeliner will draw subtle attention to your eyes and lashes. You also gain dimension when using a brown liner. Black is more striking indeed, but the contrast is too harsh.

Black is still an old-time favorite and can look good as it can draw attention to sharp lines like the winged look. However, this color will also highlight tired eyes. Thus, brown eyeliner is often more flattering than black because it's a warm, natural color that easily complements most eye colors.

Although brown eyeliner is quite popular these days, black eyeliner is not entirely out of style. Yes, some say the black eyeliner is too dreary and drab and even oppressive, but it's still a popular color choice and here to stay.

As we said above, black eyeliner is heavy and can make you look tired and, thus, older. It draws attention to your fine lines and wrinkles when it smudges beneath your eyes. Also, applying it to your waterline makes you look older because it makes your eyes smaller and droopy. In turn, jet blacks make lighter-colored eyes shine. So, consider your eye shape and color to pick the one that'll enhance your eyes the most. Let's take a look at our top favorite brown eyeliners.

Top Brown Eyeliners To Try

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NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil and Brown Jumbo Eye Pencil-Eyeshadow-Eyeliner

This company believes that animals don't belong in a lab. All of their makeup is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. They don't test any of their products on animals.

The NYX Epic ink liner is great for a perfectly defined outline. Its intense pigment covers like a liquid eyeliner while the creamy formula stays on for hours. It's retractable, so you don't have to sharpen it. Just twist it up to reveal as much of it as you need and apply it.

The eyeliner is smudge-proof and glides on effortlessly as it's a blend of mineral oil and powder. It lasts all day and can withstand heat and humidity so that it won't bleed. It's available in brown and many other natural and bright shades so you can attain any look you want.

The blendable radiant brown jumbo eye pencil, eyeshadow, and eyeliner crayon is a triple threat. You can use it as an eyeliner or a creamy eyeshadow, or just for shade or highlighting certain areas of your eyes, like the lower lash line. Apply it to your water lines, inner corners, and entire eyelid for a pop of intense color

This creamy eyeliner pencil glides on effortlessly, and there's no need to pull your skin taut. Also, it won't fade. The product is available in brown and many other vivid hues with multiple finishes that range from matte to metallic. You can sharpen this jumbo eye pencil with any sharpener that has an opening for a large pencil.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Stila is a certified Leaping Bunny brand. What this means is their entire supply chain is free of animal testing.

This product is the best seller of this company. It's a waterproof liquid liner that enables you to create various eye-makeup opening effects — from thin, precise lines to thick, dramatic looks. The formula glides on with ease, dries quickly, and won't smudge or run as it dries quickly. You can wear it all day long.

The fine marker-like tip offers precise application for everyone from novices to pros. It glides on with ease from a thin, precise line to a bold, dramatic stroke, with no skipping, smudging, or pulling. You can choose from two tips to attain any look: a thin line or a bold, dramatic stroke.

CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner Pencil

Clean, ageless skin is the foundation of a fabulous look, and CoverGirl foundations, powders, and concealers make it simple. Whatever your look, these cosmetics will outlast your longest day, keeping your face radiant and natural-looking.

For example, this eye pencil provides you with the blending power you need in a smooth glide eyeliner pencil. You can use it as a winged eyeliner or softly smudge the lines with the gentle blender to attain a smoky eye.

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L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible Mechanical Pencil and Super Slim Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

This never-fail original mechanical pencil liner has a built-in sharpener, and the rich and creamy formula glides on easily, delivering long-lasting fade-proof eyeliner color and staying put for up to 16 hours. You can use it to create anything from classic to bold eyeshade designs to compliment any mood or occasion. The built-in sharpener can help you optimize the tip of this pencil tip for all kinds of versatile eye looks.

The quick-drying formula of the ultra-fine tip of the super slim long-lasting liquid eyeliner glides on smoothly and gives you total control for precise lines that last up to 12 hours. The 0.4 mm felt-tip is perfect for a sleek, sophisticated look with continuous and even flow, skip-proof, drag-proof, and smudge-proof.

The pencil is available in black, brown, and grey and is great for pulling a classic look by drawing a wingtip from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. Or, you can be bold and design a double wing tip at the outer corner of your eye. Use a darker color for the top wing and a lighter one for the bottom wing.

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Rimmel Scandaleyes 24-Hour Waterproof Eyeliner

This brown pencil is a small pack of high-intensity tones for an instant color impact. It's ophthalmologist tested and thus, suitable for contact lens wearers and people with sensitive eyes. Their patented waterproof lengthening formula is ultra-smooth and creamy, so it glides on easily. The pencil is smudge, sweat, and heat-proof.

This pencil's soft, smudge-proof precision makes it easy to apply and withstand tears, sweat, humidity, rubbing, and whatever else your day or night may throw at you.

Why Use a Brown Eyeliner Pencil?

According to more than one makeup artist, brown eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes look bigger. And while most brown liners do a great job enlarging and brightening your eyes, you can pair them with lighter colors to widen your eyes. Do you prefer smaller eyes? Stick to darker colors and tight lines with your best eyeliner – put it on the base of your waterline.

Form a connection between the top and bottom lashes by continuing the eyeliner to the top of your upper lash line. It gives the appearance of minimizing your eyes by filling open space with a dark color. However, if you want larger eyes, tight line your waterline with a nude or white, or blue eyeliner. Don't use harsh colors too heavily. Instead, strategically place your dark eyeliner at the corners of your eyes. It'll make your eye appear more open.

As you can see, your eye makeup can make your eyes appear big or small, depending on how you apply it. Use a heavy eyeliner line or a smoky eye to make a statement at a disco or a night event, but tone it down for a picnic or other daytime activities.

In short, brown eyeliner is great for daytime looks or more natural-looking makeup. You can even complement it with brown mascara. This color is warmer and looks great on hazel eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, and blue eyes alike. It adds depth and dimension to a brown eye when you smudge it a bit.

The application approach and colored eyeliner you select can make your eyes appear smaller, larger, darker, or brighter. Keep in mind that makeup is about channeling your creativity and expressing who you are or how you feel. So, experiment and find out what you like and dislike. You may refer to your favorite celebrities for techniques you may want to emulate to enhance your unique look.

The Power of Celebrities in Makeup Trends

There seems to be a consensus regarding them being more attractive than the average person, but this is mainly fueled by mediatic propaganda. Keep in mind that anyone with access to a full makeup crew for every outing, a perfectly tailored wardrobe, and freshly styled hair does come off as attractive under any standards. Not to mention the large amounts they get paid, and that part of their jobs consists of going to the gym and staying in shape.

Unfortunately, modern society follows the lives of families made famous through association and scandal. They're icons in the fashion and beauty industry, and society mimics everything they do. For example, Kylie Jenner launched a lip kit that was huge on the market only because she's famous. Everyone wants to look like her because they think her pretty.

Looks seem to be what celebrities are known for these days but are they as beautiful as the fashion industry wants you to believe? Or are we mere pawns to the propaganda machine? Anjan Chatterjee discusses this in his book, The Aesthetic Brain. He proposes that Hollywood manipulates common people into believing that celebrities are more beautiful than the regular Joe or Jane.

So, does beauty facilitate celebrity status, or is it the other way around? Natural beauty is not the fake plastic kind attained via surgical and cosmetic procedures.

Some studies assert that celebrities are more beautiful than non-celebrities. Still, others that look more specifically at the brain suggest that the power of celebrities doesn't come from physical beauty, even though it does contribute to their rise to fame at times. Although not as much as who their close relatives are.

In reality, the most aesthetically pleasing faces are also the most average, according to studies. The reason why the beauty of celebrities is so salient is likely familiarity. You continuously hear others describe them as beautiful in films, shows, magazines, etc. Thus, you begin to perceive them as beautiful every time you see them.

So, are we pawns to the Hollywood machine? Do they manipulate us into thinking that celebrities are more beautiful? You must be aware that being a celebrity is more based on power than beauty. We recognize those who can afford to buy the latest in fashion, travel to beautiful places, and eat in luxurious restaurants, but it doesn't mean they're beautiful. So, you're probably a lot more beautiful than the Kardashians. Use your best brown eyeliner to emulate their lovely eyes but do so in a way that accentuates your own.

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