Licensed Hair and Makeup Artist Olivia Newell Gets Real


Olivia Newell wears many hats. She is a salon owner, licensed hair and makeup artist, and a skincare ambassador. She has overcome personal tragedy through discipline, inspirational goal setting, and education, all of which she feels must be shared with the world. She is also a devout advocate for mental health and works tirelessly to spread mental health awareness.

Not only does Newell want to share where she got her latest outfit, she also wants to talk about her issues with body dysmorphia to hopefully empower others to learn from her experiences and to move forward with confidence. 

Newell answers our questions on how to choose the right makeup for one's face and skin type.

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What Is the Number One Thing People Overlook When Determining the Best Makeup for Themselves?

The number one thing people overlook when determining the best makeup for themselves is not addressing their skin first and foremost. To find the best makeup for specific skin tone and/or skin issue would be to address your target problems. Is your skin more oily, dry, or a combination? If your skin is oilier per say, then a mattifying primer would be the first start, followed by either a tinted moisturizer, concealer or foundation that is specific geared for oiliness. If you tend to fall on the dry skin side of things, look for products that offer hydration and dewy glow.

How Do I Figure Out My Face and Skin Type and if a Company Tailors Makeup to My Unique Needs?

To figure out your face and skin type, and if a company tailors’ makeup to your unique needs, it is best to seek out a professional for consultation. I also believe that if you can address your skincare routine, you won’t need as much makeup. Permitting your natural skin to show is the ideal goal to allow for your makeup to look flawless. Try a facial at your favorite spa or seek out a dermatologist to get started on your skincare journey. makeup brushes and makeup

How Can You Tell if a Type of Makeup Just Isn’t Right for You?

A simple answer is that your skin won’t look natural. Remember, makeup should be an enhancement of your natural features. If you’re applying foundation that is heavy in coverage and appears “cakey,” and you’re wanting a more subtle soft glow, you’re using the wrong product. A good sing that I’ve come across the perfect makeup is when it goes hand and hand with my skincare journey. Ideally, I prefer a more lightweight makeup that allows my skin to breathe. I highly recommend Revision tinted moisturizer and SPF I one. It is lightweight, yet still allows for a natural coverage, and it looks like I’m not even wearing makeup.


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