5 Best Natural Eye Makeup Products

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Choosing clean beauty products is crucial, especially for sensitive areas like your eyes. It's essential to be conscious of your makeup's impact on the environment and your products' ingredients and production process. Regardless of your skin type, choosing natural eye makeup products is important for your health and reducing your carbon footprint. There are various ethically made, sustainable eye makeup products on the market. They formulated many with all-natural ingredients, and many are available for bargain prices—read on to find out more!

What Is Natural Eye Makeup?

In recent years, there's been a movement embracing natural makeup products. They made many traditional makeup products unethically or with ingredients potentially harmful to your health or the environment. Natural eye makeup is of particular interest since sensitive eyes are familiar, and it's important to be careful in choosing what cosmetic products to apply on or near your eyes. So products containing ingredients like plant extracts and vitamin E are far safer than those containing harsh chemicals (talc, paraben, petroleum jelly). The two common tenets of "natural" makeup are the company's production process and the product's ingredients. Natural eye makeup products are gluten-free, vegan, and made without animal testing. Many also contain all-natural, plant-based ingredients instead of potentially harmful chemicals and oils. Most companies that produce natural eye makeup products also value sustainability in their supply chains and packaging, so many natural makeup products are made with minimal packaging and/or sustainable/renewable packaging materials. While in the past natural eye makeup products had been criticized for lacking in pigmentation, texture, and durability, natural beauty companies have stepped up their game in recent years. Nowadays, natural eye makeup products match the quality and style of traditional beauty products to the extent that you may already be using clean beauty products without even realizing it. However, be careful when shopping because the FDA doesn't regulate who can use the word "natural" in their marketing. Regardless of what the packaging says, it's important to do some detective work yourself and determine whether the company is ethical and the product's ingredients are truly clean.

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What to Look For in a Natural Eye Makeup

Not all products labeled as "natural" or "organic" are created equal. That's why you must look for signs that products are clean before trying them out. A good definition of "clean" is non-toxic (free from ingredients banned by the EWG) but still effective. Products with the EWG-verified seal are most likely clean (but that's not to say you can't still be allergic to clean ingredients, so use any new product with caution). Moreover, many natural makeup companies' products are vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny-certified. Such brands also likely don't test on animals themselves, or outsource animal testing. It means products that are PETA-certified, Leaping Bunny-certified, or labeled as vegan are likely clean. "Organic" ingredients are not a guarantee of a natural product but are usually a good sign. Beware of "fragrance" in product ingredient lists. "Fragrance" is more malicious than you might think. Manufacturers use it as a blanket term to sneak 4,000 harmful chemicals into products (many of which get linked to cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders, and allergies). "Aroma," "parfum," and "flavor" fall into the same category. Mineral oil is a deceptively controversial ingredient. It's a powerful moisturizer but may be too powerful and clog your pores. The best natural eye makeup ingredients are the ones you're likely to know when you see them—like plant and herb extracts (i.e., cherry blossom, rosemary), honey beeswax, natural oils and botanicals (i.e., grape seed oil, jojoba oil), and vitamin E (many natural makeup products contain this antioxidant, which gives your cells a protective boost.). When you have an eye for what to look for and what to avoid, you'll get the hang of shopping for clean beauty products in no time.

5 Best Natural Eye Makeup Products: Our Top Picks

Below we've listed five of our top picks for natural eyeshadow palettes. Clean beauty aficionados rave about these products' plant-based and organic ingredients, their gentleness on sensitive eyes, and their bargain prices.

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Product #1: WELL PEOPLE Power PaletteEye Shadow

WELL PEOPLE's Power Palette Eye Shadow comes in three gorgeous color assortments—jewel tones for a bold night-out look, taupe-based hues for more neutral office-friendly styles, and violet-based hues for everything in between. Each palette is a bargain at just $19.00 on Amazon. The WELL PEOPLE palette is compatible with various skin types, including normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin. Handcrafted in small batches in the USA, this product's production is eco-friendly. The dermatologist-derived formula is free from GMOs, fillers, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, and petroleum by-products. Made with ethically sourced and renewable organic botanicals like Euphrasia Officinalis extract, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, and rosemary oil, WELL PEOPLE's natural eye makeup is 100% natural and sure to revitalize your complexion. Your eyes will appear fresh and bright even on the most stressful days. Reviewers report that the product's color shows up well. This eyeshadow palette offers beautifully intense pigmentation despite its seemingly delicate light hues. Many also praise natural eye makeup's gentle formula, saying it causes no flare-ups for sensitive eyes and eczema-prone skin even after all-day wear. WELL PEOPLE's eyeshadow is easy to apply. Customers claim it glides on smoothly and blends easily with other products. This natural eye makeup product is durable and will last all day without creasing or flaking. WELL PEOPLE offers a variety of clean, non-toxic makeup products for eyes, lips, face, brows, and more, so you can complete your look with complementary products. Many WELL PEOPLE products are Climate Pledge-friendly and EWG verified, meaning they're free from harmful chemicals and packed in minimal packaging to reduce waste. Many are vegan and gluten-free. The brand is also PETA and Leaping Bunny certified as cruelty-free. They found WELL PEOPLE on the principle that "all people can be well people," so you can rest easy knowing that even the company's packaging is made from sustainable materials like corn and sugar.

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Product #2: Burt's Bees 100% Natural Eye ShadowPalette

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Eye Shadow Palette is a steal at just $12.99 on Amazon. Each palette comes with three nude-adjacent shades to match a particular aesthetic—Shimmering Nudes for an elevated rosy look, Blooming Desert for a slightly bolder glow, or Dusky Woods for a dark and elegant blend. Each trio of shades is foolproof for the seasoned makeup artist and the novice alike, as the palette comes with instructions. The medium shade is meant to be swept over the entire lid, then applying the darker shade to the crease to make the eye pop, followed by a final dusting of the lighter shade to highlight the brow bone. Made with minerals, Burt's Bees eyeshadows are meant to last all day without smudging or fading. All Burt's Bees products are free from paraben, phthalates, petroleum, and SLS, and the company never tests on animals themselves or outsources animal testing. The eye shadow palettes are formulated using all-natural ingredients, including honey, bamboo, and jojoba seed oil. Reviewers praise the Burt's Bees shadows' shimmery look and compatibility with sensitive eyes. Many customers were thrilled to find a budget-friendly product with such clean and safe ingredients. They suggest using a soft brush for optimal application, as a hard-tipped makeup brush might crack the light and delicate product. Burt's Bees is primarily known for their famous lip balm but has since expanded into a variety of clean and natural makeup products. You can complete your look with Burt's Bees eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, moisturizing cream, facial oil, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, concealer, BB cream, and more. Many Burt's Bees products are Climate Pledge-friendly, meaning they're packed with minimal packaging to reduce waste. Burt's Bees is a beloved brand that's been around since the 1980s and started with an actual beekeeper named Burt and an artist named Roxanne in the wilderness of Maine, turning honey into products like lip balm and candles. By trying out this natural eye makeup palette, you can honor the Burt's Bees legacy over four decades later!

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Product #3: Mineral Fusion Limited Edition Eye ShadowPalette

Mineral Fusion's Limited Edition Eye Shadow Palette is a versatile natural eye makeup tool with eleven different color options, including velvet, density, diversity, espresso gold, fragile, jaded, riviera, rose gold, stormy, stunning, and sultry. From deep violet to bright teal to sparkly silver, each trio of colors offers an assortment of looks for various occasions. They make the colors to be mixed and matched with intense pigmentation to make your eyes stand out. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, Mineral Fusion's natural eye makeup lasts through the whole day. Not to mention, it's Climate Pledge-friendly, meaning it's packed with minimal packaging to reduce waste, and is EWG verified, meaning it's free from harmful chemicals. Made with chamomile, meadowfoam, and vitamin E, these palettes will nourish your skin (especially the delicate skin around your eyes needing extra TLC) and enhance your complexion, effectively aging you backward. All Mineral Fusion products are free from gluten, talc, artificial colors, SLS and phthalates. None of Mineral Fusion's all-natural mineral-based makeup products are ever tested on animals. The company offers a wide range of makeup products (i.e., lip tints, foundations, mascara, eyeshadow primer, and eyeliners), and Mineral Fusion also carries makeup brushes, nail polishes, skincare products and hair care products. These natural eye makeup trios are a steal starting at just $9.99 a palette on Amazon. Similar to the Burt's Bees palette, these trios come with instructions (although freestyle application is welcome). Simply sweep the medium shade over your entire eyelids, contour your crease with the darker shade, and highlight your brow bone with the lighter shade. Reviewers praise this palette for its natural look and feel. The natural eye makeup stays on all day but comes off easily when you wash your face, an impressive paradox most makeup products can't achieve. If you're looking for a convenient, affordable, mix-and-match eye shadow trio with clean and non-toxic ingredients, Mineral Fusion might be the pick.

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Product #4: Honest Beauty Get It Together Eye ShadowPalette

Honest Beauty's Get It Together Eye Shadow Palette features ten gorgeous shades, including nudes, metallic finishes, and blush and plum tones (three shimmers, two satins, and five mattes). Each color goes on velvety smooth, and the intense pigmentation will last all day. The wide range of colors on the Get It Together palette means it's versatile, and you can use it for all occasions, from a nude daytime look to a purple smoky eye. The natural eye makeup palette comes with a step-by-step guide to creating four day-to-night looks (classic smoky eye, disco nights, in-a-minute eye, and smudged cat-eye). With the ability to apply the natural eye makeup with either a brush or your finger, creating stunning looks with this palette could not be easier. Honest Beauty's blendable hues can create beautiful gradient effects on your eyelids, and with the matte shades, you can even use them as an eyeliner! Each palette is just $20.61; you can include an eyeliner pen in your order for just $13.20 more. Dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free, the Get It Together eye shadow formula is free from paraben, paraffin, talc, mineral oil, silicones, and petrolatum. Honest Beauty's natural eye makeup palettes never get tested on animals and come in 100% tree-free paper packaging. All the brand's products get made without harmful ingredients, so you can rest easy creating a look with Honest Beauty's mascara, lash primer, eyeliner, brow gel, and more in addition to the Get It Together palette. Reviewers rave about this palette, calling it a bargain for such clean and high-quality natural makeup. They appreciate the range of colors, the shadows' compatibility with sensitive eyes, and the helpfully included cheat sheet on creating multiple looks. The Honest Beauty Get It Together natural eye makeup palette is perfect for both beginners needing instructions and makeup pros searching for a natural, inexpensive product.

Product #5: ONLYBETTER Vegan Eye ShadowPalette

ONLYBETTER's Vegan Eye Shadow Palette is a versatile product that's a real bang for your buck. The pink eyeshadow set comes in 16 colors (including cream, pearly, champagne, mauve, comfort, rust, bronze, wood, metal, satin, plum, wish, cameo, espresso, and luxury), all featuring beautiful organic pigmentation. The palette features a range of textures, including both elegant shimmery metallics and intense matte shades. Not to mention, the set also includes eight makeup brushes you can use to apply both the shades from the palette and a variety of other products—all for just $14.99. The natural eye makeup palette is available in pink without the brushes, in brown, in earth tones, matte purple, or in a multicolor palette featuring a whopping 48 colors. ONLYBETTER's formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and 88% organic and made with extracts from plants like sage, evening primrose, rosemary, oregano, cherry blossom, and lavender. The shadow even contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects your cells from damage. And the brushes are vegan as well. Packaged in a slim, lightweight case with a magnetic lid and built-in mirror, this natural eye makeup palette is portable for easy application or touch-ups on the go. Made to provide your eyes with a brightening effect, you can apply this product with either your finger or one of the included brushes. Reviewers praise the product for its portability and waterproof/sweat-resistant qualities. They note it stays on all day and loves the shimmery texture. Customers also love the light, gentle feel of these shadows, pleased that they're compatible with sensitive eyes. Suppose you're looking for an all-in-one natural eye makeup palette for a bargain price. In that case, ONLYBETTER's palettes provide you with an impressive variety of colors, and the convenience of the included brushes and mirrors is unmatched. This vegan shadow set is the perfect pick for those looking for a one-stop shop.


Nowadays, it's easy to find natural eye makeup products free from harmful chemicals, common allergens, and even animal products. Our picks for the five best natural eye makeup palettes are available online at bargain prices. They're versatile, offering a wide range of shades. And some even come with accessories like a brush set and mirror. As the general public becomes more and more health- and environment-conscious, it's important to shop smart and only use products with clean and safe ingredients. Ethical supply chains are also crucial—many natural eye makeup products are made sustainably and never tested on animals. When using makeup to enhance an area as sensitive as your eyes, healthy and even rejuvenating ingredients are certainly a selling point. The shadows we've curated are designed for boldly pigmented color that lasts all day. It's worth considering the quality and footprint of your beauty products, especially when there are so many high-quality and affordable natural eye makeup products hitting the market!

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