Everything You Need To Know About the Eyeliner Stamp

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Eyeliner has started becoming a staple in many people's makeup looks, especially with the inception of the internet. Trends like fun eyeliner looks, colorful eyeliner, and winged eyeliner have all boomed in popularity recently. Even simply putting eyeliner in your waterline to make your eyes pop has cropped up recently. Have you ever wondered how you can achieve seamless eyeliner looks? Maybe you've tried winged eyeliner or other designs without much success?

It may seem frustrating and difficult to wake up and spend 30 minutes trying to perfect your eyeliner every morning. However, with the invention of the eyeliner stamp, you won't have to spend your whole morning on your makeup. This article will dive into the world of eyeliner by talking about the different kinds of eyeliner, what an eyeliner stamp does, and how to use eyeliner stamps. We'll also look at eight other eyeliner stamp kits that can enhance your makeup look without requiring you to spend extra time in the morning on a design. 

Different Types of Eyeliner

Before we talk about eyeliner stamps specifically, let's look at the different types of eyeliner most commonly seen in the beauty industry. In general, there are four different types of eyeliner: gel liner, pencil liner, felt-tip liner, and liquid liner. 

Gel eyeliner usually comes in a little pot or can even come in pencil form, and is meant to be easier to use than liquid liner. It has a creamy consistency that can easily be picked up by an eyeliner brush or even your finger for application around your eyelid or waterline. Gel liner (or cream liner as it's sometimes referred to as) is usually heavily pigmented and easy to blend or smudge out to create that perfect winged eyeliner look. Gel liners are typically used in makeup looks that aren't meant to last long, unless you have a setting spray that can hold the liner in place. 

Pencil eyeliner is the next type of eyeliner and is one of the most common types, partially because it's so versatile. You can use it to create the perfect cat eye, smudge color in your waterline, or apply a specific design to your look. You can get two types of pencil liners: traditional pencil liner and retractable pencil liner. If you use a traditional pencil eyeliner, you'll likely need to keep a sharpener in your makeup collection, too, because it'll get dull with use. However, this may be advantageous so you can sharpen the tip to your liking. Retractable pencil eyeliners enable you to twist the base of the pencil when you need more product (so no worrying about sharpening here). Whichever you choose is based on your personal preference, as both have pros and cons. 

Felt-tip liner can be thought of as a cross between pencil liner and liquid eyeliner. Some people even use liquid liner and felt-tip liner interchangeably, but there are some noticeable differences between the two. Felt-tip eyeliners come in the form of a felt-tip pen with varying shapes and lengths to the tips. They're easy to apply to your eyelid and more long-lasting than pencil eyeliner is. However, removing felt-tip liner may take more time than you're used to. Felt-tip liners are perfect for winged eyeliner looks because of the simple application. This type of eyeliner may be complex for beginners to use, but with everything, practice makes perfect. 

Liquid eyeliner can also be tricky for beginners because it can be hard to control (even if you have steady hands!). It usually comes in two primary forms- pencil form or via a pot of liquid and an applicator brush. They're a great option for intricate or precise designs, and you're also more likely to find different eyeliner colors in the form of liquid. Depending on the base of the liquid, the eyeliner can be easier or on the more difficult side in terms of removal. 

What Is an Eyeliner Stamp and What Does One Do?

As you may know, creating the perfect cat eye look or winged eyeliner takes serious time, skill, precision, and practice. Even if you make one wrong move or your arm twitches the wrong way, you risk drawing eyeliner all over your eyelid! However, eyeliner stamps can give you the perfect winged eyeliner look the first time around. Say hello to more time in the mornings and less frustration! Basically, an eyeliner stamp is exactly what it sounds like- a specifically designed stamp with an eyeliner product on it that takes all the hard work out of applying eyeliner. Most commonly, the design is some winged eyeliner or cat eye. There are fun eyeliner stamps, too- hearts, flowers, stars, and many more! 

How to Use Eyeliner Stamps

Using an eyeliner stamp doesn't have to be as complicated as you think. Usually, eyeliner stamps come in the form of a felt-tip pen. They also have two sides. One side has the stamp itself on it, and the other has a felt-tip so you can finish your look once the stamp is applied. 

When using your eyeliner stamp, the first thing you're going to want to do is to choose a location that the stamp is going to be on. This can be the outer edge of your eye in the case of a winged liner or around your eye if there are other special designs you're using. Once you choose a location, line up the stamp portion of the pen around the area. Next, you'll want to slowly press the stamp down onto your eyelid and firmly hold it for a second or two to ensure you were able to apply the whole stamp design in full. After the stamp is applied, all you need to do is use the felt-tip end to draw the connecting line onto your eye and finish the look (if you are using a connecting line, that is). 

That's it! Your winged liner look is complete! See, that wasn't as frustrating as you thought, was it? With practice, you'll be an expert in no time. You may not even need a stamp after a while! Now that you've just completed your first eyeliner stamp look, let's take a look at 8 of the best eyeliner stamp kits the makeup industry offers.

Our Top 8 Eyeliner Stamp Kits For Easy Use

While we review our top choices, we'll give an overview of what exactly we like about these stamp kits and what makes them unique. Each option we picked out has multiple positive factors- and if we could buy all 8 at once, we would!

1. iMethod Eyeliner Stamp

The iMethod Eyeliner Stamp Kit comes with two different eyeliner stamp pens. One features a shorter cat eye stamp, and the other has a longer cat eye stamp, making this a perfect option for those with hooded eyes or normal eye shapes. Each pen has a felt-tip on the side opposite the stamp so you can finish your eyeliner look when you're finished stamping. This eyeliner is a rich black color that's long lasting, smudge proof, and waterproof. In total, the process from naked eye to winged eyeliner takes only 30 seconds, which requires a lot less time than traditional felt-tip pen looks. If you're interested in this kit, you can check it out here and purchase it for a low price of $13.97. 

2. The Flick Stick by Lovoir

Lovoir's Flick Stick Kit comes with two vamped winged eyeliner stamp pens, one for each eye. Each pen also has its own felt-tip, so you can finish the look when you're done stamping. The midnight black color is highly pigmented, cruelty free, and smudge free; you're truly getting the best of all worlds with this perfect flick. This specific kit comes with a 10mm stamp, although other sizes of 8mm and 12mm are also available. The thick and ergonomic pen shape is a perfect design for those who have shaky hands or for those who have problems holding a pen for a long period of time. Additionally, Lovoir's Flick Stick Kit works with all different eye shapes and won't distort the look of your eye like some other eyeliner stamps do. If you're interested in this kit, you can find it for $14.97 on Amazon

3. LA PURE Waterproof Eyeliner Stamp

LA PURE's waterproof eyeliner stamp kit is perfect for people who are going to spend time swimming or at the beach. Made specifically to last while underwater, you won't have to reapply the liner or stamp at all. The perfect cat eye look can be achieved in two easy steps- first, by stamping the design onto your eye, and second, by defining the rest of the look. You also have two winged lengths to choose from at the point of purchase, one being 10mm and the other at 8mm. Each pen also has its own felt-tip side, which you can use to easily finish your design once the stamp is in place. If you're interested in either length of LA PURE's stamps, you can get the 8mm length for $12.95 and 10mm length for $10.76 on Amazon. 

4. LOKFAR 6 Pcs Double-headed Liquid Eyeliner Stamp Pen Set

LOKFAR's 6 piece eyeliner stamp set isn't your typical winged eyeliner stamp set. Instead, there are 6 stamp shapes that transform your makeup look for when you're feeling creative. Each shape has a felt-tip to it as well, so you're able to freestyle a winged look if you want or add on to the stamped shapes. The formula is gentle yet highly pigmented, and it's also waterproof, sweatproof, and oil resistant, so you won't have to worry about it coming off during the day. Shapes included in this set include a triangle, star, moon, heart, flower, and a smiley face. Despite it being a long-wear formula, it's easy to remove with a cotton ball and your favorite makeup removing liquid. This whole kit can be found on Amazon for only $11.98.

5. Evpct 4 in 1 Eyeliner Makeup Set

Evpct's 4 in 1 eyeliner makeup set is another unique stamp set that made our top 8 list. Not only does it have four different shapes (a star, moon, flower, and heart), it has four different colors that correspond to the different shapes. The star's stamp is black, the moon is blue, the flower is pink, and the heart is of course, red. Each pen also has a side that features a felt-tip, making a perfect choice for those who want to combine colors or finish out a winged look. You may be hesitant about the different colors being long-lasting or pigmented, and we were too at first. However, each color is heavily pigmented and created with a long-lasting formula that stays on all day. Each color is also waterproof and smudge proof, so you won't have to worry about your unique makeup look melting or disappearing over the course of your day. If you're interested in purchasing this kit, you can find it for $9.98 on Amazon.

6. Black Eyeliner Stamp Wingliner

Sharlovy's Black Eyeliner Stamp is perfect for you if you want a classic winged eyeliner without the hassle of having to freehand one. The 10mm stamp can be easily applied to each eye, and the black color is heavily pigmented and lasts all day. Not only is this eyeliner easy to apply, it's smudge proof and waterproof, making it truly built to last. It's easy to remove at the end of the day too, and won't stain your eyelids like some other eyeliner stamps do. The perfect cat eye shape can be used on all eye types as well. This is one of the cheapest yet high quality options we've found, coming in at a price of only $6.99 on Amazon.

7. Evpct Winged Wing Eyeliner Stamps

We've already reviewed one of Evpct's Eyeliner Stamp sets, but couldn't resist adding this kit to the list when we found it. This 4 piece set is unique in that it offers a winged stamp, but with different colors. Each pen (black, brown, purple, and blue) comes with two ends. One end is for applying the winged eyeliner stamp, while the other end is used for finishing the winged look. Another reason why we loved this set is because you can easily combine colors (such as blue and purple) to create really unique makeup looks in no time. The thick bodies of the pens allow makeup lovers of all skill levels to enjoy each and every color. Each pen is highly pigmented and lasts all day, which is impressive considering all the different colors it comes with. If you're interested in purchasing this four-piece kit, you can find it for a super low price of $9.98 on Amazon. 

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8. Pinkiou Eyeliner Makeup Stamp 4 in 1

Pinkiou's Eyeliner Makeup Stamp 4 in 1 kit is the last of our top 8 eyeliner stamp options. It's another non-traditional stamp set that comes with four different and fun shapes; a star, a moon, a flower, and a heart. Each of these stamps is black in color and features two sides. One side has a pen, so you can apply eyeliner before or after stamping your design on. The other side has the actual stamp itself. These makeup stamps are perfect for people of all skin types and all eye shapes. They're also incredibly pigmented and long-lasting, but are easy to remove with makeup remover at the end of the day when you wash your face. They won't leave any stains either, and they're all even waterproof. The thick, ergonomic design of the pen itself allows makeup lovers of all skill levels to use the pen without frustration easily. This whole 4 in 1 kit is really affordable, coming in at $10.99 on Amazon.


The world of eyeliner is open to so much innovation, creativity, and style. From different colors of eyeliner, to different types and even eyeliner stamps, there's a perfect product out there for everyone. Eyeliner in particular can be frustrating, especially if you want to complete your makeup look with a simple wing. It can seem so hard to master- but it doesn't have to be overly complicated! Using eyeliner stamps is a perfect place for beginners to start using eyeliner, and is also great for professional makeup artists who wish to add something to their repertoire. We hope you were able to learn a lot about eyeliner and how to use eyeliner stamps. With our top 8 eyeliner stamp kits, you'll also have a better idea of what to purchase when you go shopping for your perfect stamp. 

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