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Lip gloss, the most resilient of all lip products, has remained the most relevant lip product over the years with all the fashion trends since 1930. The Polish inventor, Max Factor of Max Factor & Company est. 1906, brought the cherished lip gloss to life to amp up Hollywood stars' lips. Since the movies were black and white films then, the need to accentuate lips was dire. Following glossy lips' debut, the average woman was dying to imitate their favorite stars like Vivien Leigh and Bette Davis. Soon enough every woman in America was amplifying their sex appeal with a shine you can only get in a lip gloss.

Lipstick, Lip Balm, and Lip Gloss

Before we get into the ways you can amp up your sex appeal with lip gloss, it's imperative to differentiate the three lips' dresser uppers. Whether you prefer one over another, or you love them all equally, they all have various jobs and benefits for your lips. So, let's get into what the different jobs and benefits are.


First, let's look at lipstick. Lipstick is made with various oils, waxes, and pigments but doesn't necessarily hydrate or smooth the lips. With lipstick, you won't need to reapply the beauty product very often, if at all with some super stay formulas. Matte lipstick and shiny lipstick are your options and both are most effective when lip balm is applied before and lip gloss is applied after.

Lip Balm

A lip balm was created to mitigate the effects of abrasions or lip injuries like cold sores. Since its inception, it's been innovated with flavors and enriched with vitamins, minerals, and SPFs. Lip balm is a very effective beauty product alone, but especially so when used alongside a lip scrub, lipstick, or lip gloss.

Lip Gloss

Aside from the shine that is exclusive to the lip gloss, you'll get a bit more pigment than others to add more sex appeal. The natural flush of your lips is super sexy and combined with the high shine of the lip gloss makes it perfect for wearing alone. Of course, though, what's the fun in that? You can use it on top of lipstick and lip balm to amp up your smile every day. A lot of the new lip gloss formulas include plumping agents and skincare ingredients that improve the health of your lips as you wear them.

Another popular lip product is lip lacquer. The lip lacquer is more pigmented than the lip gloss but with the same consistency as a lip gloss. The typical consistency, or texture, of a lip gloss or lacquer is liquid or a creamy, soft formula.

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Tips to Amp Up Your Sex Appeal Instantly

There are many ways to amp up your sex appeal aside from lip gloss and beauty products alone. We will transform you into a total sex goddess by the time you're done reading this mini-guide, guaranteed! You can learn why natural makeup looks are the best, and how to dress to impress for every occasion. We also have tips for using lip gloss to its full potential and how to use body lotion like a potion to get the maximum shimmer for your body. Let's get the party started!

Natural Makeup Over Amped Up Makeup

When you get all dressed up everyone is looking at you and typically the first impression is everything. Whether you slay your makeup or you butcher it is really what they're confronted with. In a split judgment, you could win the job and the guy, or lose them altogether. Take these tips from a real pro makeup artist to achieve a natural look you can use every time.

The first thing that some people often skimp on is a real good-for-skin care regimen. After a good morning scrub, apply a serum and an SPF moisturizer before anything else. Then, go for a primer that does all the hard work for you by improving the texture of your skin. Follow that with a light foundation and a dewy shimmer from an illuminator or cream highlighter strategically placed on the bridge of your nose, chin, and above the cheekbones. With a light and airy, natural makeup look that is more you than makeup, go light on any concealer if you use any. Only apply the concealer as needed, like to cover a blemish or dark circles under the eyes. A natural flush of your cheeks can be accomplished with the Milani Cheek Kiss Cream Blush because it moisturizes your cheeks with a subtle color that is underneath your skin rather than caked on top. Apply a natural shade of eyeshadow that may have an extra shimmer, but no metallics. Apply just one coat of mascara and if you opt for faux lashes, go with a natural lash rather than an extravagant pair. If you use eyeliner, go for a dark grey or brown liner instead of black. The mascara you use can also look more like your eyelashes with a color other than jet black. Brush up your brows with a brow brush and use minimal brow pencil, only filling the brow in as little as possible. Then top it off with a lip balm or a lip gloss. And voila, you look dewy and so naturally stunning!

The Color of Your Clothing Can Amp You Up

So, you're probably wondering how in the world can your choice of clothing amp up your sex appeal. Well, it's a known fact that black is a slimming color to wear, thereby turning up your sex appeal. A woman who wears black is instantly seen as classy and chic by the opposite sex. However, black is a great option for slimming dresses for a special occasion, but red is more noticeable and sexy. Red clothing is great especially if you're on a manhunt! It's scientifically proven that a woman in red clothing will be much more attractive to the opposite sex, and men will be more likely to date a woman who wears red. It's recommended that a woman only wears 2 colors at one time, like a red and black combo outfit, and only top her outfit with a single piece of jewelry to look hot. A single necklace is all it takes to convey that you're hot but not high maintenance.

In contrast, wearing clothing in a natural color like brown or blue is likely to land you your dream job! These clothing colors are known to convey a message that you're responsible, secure, and committed.

Accentuate the Lip Gloss Instead of Lipstick Colors

As we already touched on, lip gloss is the best option to wear when you're going for a natural makeup look, but lipstick has its place. If you cant go a day without your beloved lipstick, don't worry! In a natural makeup look, it's perfectly fine to go for a soft color of lipstick, and on a special occasion, you can amp it up with your most daring dark or bold red lips. When you opt for lipstick, use a lip scrub with your skincare routine. Follow the lip scrub with a moisturizing lip balm before you don your gorgeous lipstick, especially with matte lipstick. Even on top of your lipstick, it's a great idea to apply a shiny layer of lip gloss or define your lips with a lip liner. If you want to have naturally beautiful lips wear a seminude lip liner with a shiny lip gloss. When you want your makeup to look like it took minimal effort, always opt for lip gloss.

Amp Up Your Skin's Shimmer

Last but not least, when you want to amp up your sex appeal, never skimp on the moisturizer or body lotion. When you're caught in a battle of dry skin problems like eczema or the dry scaly skin that winter left with you, you need to use an unscented moisturizer daily. When you want to be sexy, you have to show that you care for your skin deeply. If you have skin that can take a lightly scented moisturizer, wear it! A little bit of shimmer goes a long way to amp up your sex appeal by applying the shimmer only to your shoulders and cleavage and collar bone area. Betcha never knew how much your moisturizer could do for your sex appeal, did you?

The Cheap Lip Gloss You Need to Amp Up Your Sex Appeal

Before we reveal the specially curated list from the beauty editor, we took into account all the best things a lip gloss offers you. The best lip gloss will make you feel confident and sophisticated while giving your lips a boost. We're not just talking about a boost with plumper, but even nutrients for extra happy skin, care that renews and replenishes as you wear it. Remember, how you wear your lip gloss is incomparable to the way anyone else wears the same gloss because it's you who makes it shine so beautifully and the shine is uniquely yours.

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NYX Professional Makeup's Filler Instinct

Our first of the litter, although, in no particular order, NYX Pro Makeup has been supplying every woman a way to accentuate what God gave her with makeup artist-grade makeup that's fantastic and inexpensive. With cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and 7-free makeup and nail polish, this brand is CC-approved always. You get skin-loving and endless options for eyes, lips, and nails enhancing products made with the best ingredients. So, it's no wonder NYX makes it on our curated beauty editor top lists time and time again. What's new is the best lip plumping lip gloss that you aren't going to know how you ever lived without it.

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Why We Love It

We love NYX's Filler Instincts for more than the plumping action for your lips. The plumping complex is combined with light-reflecting emollients that work together to give you a superior shine and a more radiant finish. The lip gloss is safe for every skin type and skin tone and looks great on top of a lipstick or lip liner. The sheer and creamy lip gloss come in a variety of colors and a clear glaze called "Let's Glaze". You can use all the products in the makeup collection from NYX including their volumizing and lengthening mascara, perfecting brow pencils, shimmery and matte lipstick and eyeshadow, and so much more or you can use it alone. We love that the lip gloss is more than affordable so you can get all the colors in one fell swoop. The "Let's Glaze" creamy liquid lip gloss comes in a ready-to-use tube with a doe-foot applicator for easy application. Just a swipe or two and you're ready to go with lips that look full, dewy, and healthy effortlessly. Wear the lip gloss over lipstick or lip liner for an extra beautiful pout instantly.

Winky Lux Lip Oil Gloss

Winky Lux is a fan favorite and with a plentitude of good reasons. The vegan, PETA-approved, phthalates, and paraben-free formula of all Winky Lux products are clean and environmentally conscious, and best of all, really effective makeup. Some of their products are 100% recyclable, and all are made with skincare built right in. The lip gloss or lip oil will leave your lips better than they found them every time you use it.

Why We Love It

We love the clean makeup and the all-natural ingredients and the way you're going to feel as your donning Winky Lux makeup. The lip gloss oil is infused with lip-loving ingredients like sunflower, jojoba, and avocado oils and is fortified with vitamin E. With one swipe out of the jar of lip gloss, your lips will shine more than all the mini-stars in the lip gloss jar. The antioxidants in the avocado oil work with the ultra-fatty acids to drench lips with moisture and the jojoba oil locks all the moisturizer in the other oils inside your lips naturally as hyaluronic acid is known to do. What's more, is that the already incredible moisturizer in the gloss also is packed with collagen peptides in vitamin E to rebuild the structure of lips. The lip gloss oil is lightly and sweetly scented and ultra-hydrating for irresistible, and ultra-kissable lips. To get the most kissable lips and the best shine for your pout, unscrew the lid to reveal the oil roller and simply apply it to your lips for sweet smooches from the hydrating ingredients.

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Gloss

Oh, how we love the "drugstore" makeup brands for their amazing prices and their even more amazing efficacy. In fact, drugstore makeup is a dream for every makeup artist in the world. What's better than cheap and effective makeup? The answer to that question is "not much!". L'Oréal Paris's makeup collections are invaluable treasures that are available everywhere to everyone. The "Infallible" makeup collection is perfect for all-day-stay makeup that covers you from primer to powder. To accomplish this stay-all-day makeup, just employ the Infallible foundation, concealer, mascara, and eye makeup down to the liner, eye, and lips. The Infallible lip gloss is no exception to the rest of the crazy good cheap makeup. Go ahead and read on to see why.

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Why We Love It

Aside from the long-lasting 8-hour wear of Infallible makeup and lip gloss, we love the half-ounce of Crystal Glass shine that L'Oréal gives you for many days of dressed-up lips. That's a lot of days of wear! Of course, the 26 color options of lip gloss action in bold and sheer gloss are sure to blow your mind. The prices are even more mind-blowing than the lip gloss colors. Seriously, you've got to get them all at these prices. L'Oréal Paris isn't complete without the hydrating ingredients in all its products. Ingredients just like the moisturizer in the Infallible 8-hour continuous wear lip gloss that leaves an incredible shine for more supple-looking lips every day. You get a brilliant shine with no feathering and no fading for the full 8 hours of continuous gloss and beauty. The precision applicator makes the application of the Infallible lip gloss easy and perfect every time. Pro makeup artist beauty tip: Use a lip scrub and lip primer before the lip gloss to erase fine lines around your mouth that cause feathering. Also, a good liner can go a long way to keep the colors of lipstick and lip gloss from feathering too.

Kiko Milano 3-D Hydra Lip Gloss

Kiko Milano has some incredible skin-care products that really love and care for your skin, lips, and nails. The cruelty-free makeup and skin-care brand is the #1 Italian brand and has held that title since the late 1990s. A brand that has been around the skin-care block a time or two million, this is a brand you can count on getting luxury treatment that you can afford.

Why We Love It

First things first, we love the fact that this lip gloss is non-comedogenic! Noncomedogenic means that it doesn't clog pores or contribute to acne breakouts! So, if you ever find that you get zits around your upper lip or chin with the use of lipstick, lip balm, or lip gloss, the culprit is likely the ingredients of the lipstick color and the fact that the more opaque ones don't allow your skin to breathe. 13 breathable lip gloss treatments that will douse your lips in dewy moisture to unlock your lips' full beauty in all its natural glory. This lip gloss is like your lips but better because of the 3-dimensional shine and gloss that even the most sensitive skin can get in on. No matter your skin type or skin tone (especially the oily and combo skin types) you can appreciate the non-comedogenic properties of this gloss. With the help of the soft tip precision applicator, you can get a perfect pout every time. It's as easy as pie with this ultra-sexy gloss, swipe the applicator over your lips and go.

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e.l.f. Lip Lacquer

e.l.f. is a well-known clean makeup and beauty brand that is found everywhere in the states. You can discover your favorites of their beauty products at department stores, drug stores, and online so easily. e.l.f. is famous for its incredibly low prices and its equally incredible makeup. You can get all you need for your beauty routines from makeup to skin-care products made with the best skin-loving ingredients you can ever want.

Why We Love It

Of course, we love the ultra-low prices of the makeup and the clean beauty products that are cruelty-free, but what we love about this lip lacquer is that it's basically a lip gloss with more emphasis on the color than the other ingredients. So, all the color and shine freaks, this is one's for you! All the shine and smooth texture of a lip gloss with added pigment and all-star skin-care ingredients like vitamin E that acts as a moisturizer for lips. Your lips will look stupendous in all 8 of these lip lacquers all for a super $3 price tag each. Our favorite is the frosted and sparkly clear shimmer in "bubbles". How do they do it?! We may not have all Elf's beauty secrets but we know how to get your lips to a beautiful colorful shine and gloss. You dip the applicator and spread it evenly over your lips and add a satisfactory smack of your lips just for fun.

Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip Gloss

Another tried and true "drug store' makeup brand that brings you the best of the beauty products at the fairest prices is Rimmel London. Yes, get the London look for less! The long-standing brand is proven clean and effective in its makeup and that's important to us over here at Cosmetics Center. You can discover the best of the best in the Rimmel makeup collection from the foundation, primer, powder, mascara, and so much more.

Why We Love It

Aside from those above, we especially love the Stay Glossy makeup for your lips. The 0.18 fluid ounces for lip gloss is a whole lot of glossy action. Our favorite is the "seduce me" frosty, shimmery shine that is a creamy liquid texture that has a lot to offer your lips. The gloss is never sticky and instead, gives your lips a smooth and soft texture that is undeniably lustrous and luxurious. With the shine extend technology, you'll never need to reapply for 6-hours. Go ahead and use it with your favorite lipstick or lip liner, the life of the lip gloss won't compromise under the weight of the other friends for your lips. It may help to extend the life of the lipstick and lip liner too. This lip gloss uses exclusive moisturizers for your lips to maintain your lips' natural beauty. And when you check out the natural beauty of the price of this lip gloss, you'll grab all 14 colors for your makeup collection at home. Use the perfectly angled precision tip to glide over your lips and blend with a lip smack or a lip brush if you're feeling fancy.

Wet N' Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss

Last but certainly not least, the Wet N' Wild lip gloss, will amaze you and keep you wanting more. Wet N' Wild has suffered a wrongful conviction of not being the best makeup. It absolutely has gotten a bad rap but if you give the brand a chance, you'll see how incredible this makeup truly is. This brand is one of the original cheap and suitable makeup and beauty brands. Wet N' Wild is a clean and cruelty-free makeup and beauty product company. There's a bunch to love about this company including the ultra-cheap prices.

Why We Love It

We love all the beauty and makeup products with clean and good ingredients that are super effective for achieving all makeup goals. We love the Mega Slicks lip gloss in "crystal clear". Although we like the clear liquid of this gloss, there are a whole 13 additional colors to dress your lips up with. Hyaluronic acid is the active moisturizer in this high-shine gloss that will have your lips more kissable than ever before.

Now, Go Forth and Amp It Up

Finally, you have all the ways that you will amp up your sex appeal, and we have all the faith that you will, you sexy mama! O the next special occasion or speed dating meet up or even date night with your special guy, wear that sexy red dress and those sultry pumps to blow him to smithereens. Blow everyone away with that ultra-sexy new woman no one ever saw coming. But rest assured, they'll melt and get weak in the knees at your newfound sex appeal from this simple guide. Just don't forget your secret weapon: that lip gloss, girl!

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