The Best Cheap and Incredible Liquid Eyeshadows You’ve Got to Try

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Powder, cream, crayon, loose pigment, baked or liquid, with so many options for the best eyeshadow it can be intimidating to even pick one to try on. You may end up with more questions than answers while you stand in the makeup aisle completely overwhelmed by all the endless choices. The original eyeshadow in a pressed powder form may seem like the easiest answer. But hold that thought because what if the pressed powder eyeshadows your mom and her mom and her mom have used were not the best eyeshadow options anymore? Think back to the last time you used the old-school powder shadow option and you were immediately faced with a lot of fallout. On top of the fallout, adding layers of powder eyeshadow full of flat pigment to achieve the color goals you want can make you want to give up. And frankly, we don't have all day to do our makeup. Then, somewhere around lunchtime, you notice your beaming eyes looking dull and tired with minimal shadow left on them, even with an eyeshadow primer. Maybe you tried the crayon or loose pigment or the others to find they don't stay, so you can slay all day. Slaying all day doesn't come easy with makeup that won't grip your face. Fear not, there's no powder eyeshadow to worry about anymore when you get a load of this liquid eyeshadow.

By the time you finish reading this, you'll be an expert on all things liquid eyeshadow. So, say "bye-bye," to the old fallout, and say "Hel-looo," to the fiercest eyes you've been missing out on for too long.

The Liquid Eyeshadow DIY Before you Buy

It's not time to throw out all your powder or baked eyeshadow, yet! When you find that first liquid eyeshadow to up your game, you can still apply your favorite powder underneath. The loose pigment eyeshadow is really handy to make your first ever DIY liquid eyeshadow, that can go to the top of your cream eyeshadow collection. The crayon eyeshadows indeed have their purpose in your makeup bag, but those too can be annoying and unreliable. The crayon eyeshadow is guilty of always smudging and wearing off too quickly. Why not use them with your new liquid eyeshadow or melt them down to make a unique DIY liquid type, too? We have some exclusive DIY recipes you've just got to try!

Beauty Recipe: Vaseline Powered Liquid Eyeshadow

The first thing you'll need is a little airtight makeup jar to keep it in. These makeup jars are very inexpensive and easy to find at your local beauty store or Walmart. Once you've found your jars, take a small spoon and a little monkey dish or ramekin, and scrape the eyeshadow you want to use out of the original eyeshadow palette. Using the bottom of the spoon, grind the eyeshadow to a fine powder. You don't want to have lumps because they will not dissolve in the Vaseline totally.

Once you've ground the eyeshadow to the desired fine powder, it's time to mix in the Vaseline. Take a teaspoon at a time and put your first teaspoon of Vaseline into the makeup jar. If you've not already, add the powder of the eyeshadow into the jar as well. Don't use the spoon to mix, use a toothpick or the bottom of a skinny makeup brush. Using the bottom of a makeup brush (as long as it's a skinny brush) will ensure that the end product will be easy to scrape off and into the jar.

There is a little bit of a give or take game with the DIY liquid eyeshadows, so if the mixture seems too powdery or too creamy, you can use your discernment to decide on adding some Vaseline or more eyeshadow. Once you've perfected your liquid eyeshadow, let it sit for a few minutes before capping it off. Finally, you've made your first DIY creamy liquid eyeshadow!

Beauty Recipe: Beeswax Pastilles Liquid Eyeshadow

Now, this recipe can get more complicated than the last, but you can take out any ingredient or substitute one for another to make it your own. With the beeswax liquid eyeshadow recipe, you'll need a makeup jar just like before. You'll need a microwave-safe bowl to melt your beeswax pastilles before mixing in the eyeshadow powder. With 8 of the beeswax pastilles in the bowl and a teaspoon of shea butter, microwave the contents 10-15 seconds at a time stirring after every beep of the microwave. This is much like melting chocolate chips for a baking recipe.

After about a minute and a half of this melting and stirring, you should have an evenly melted base for your liquid eyeshadow. Carefully, add your finely ground-up powder to the melted shea buttery goodness, and stir. Once you see the mixture gently stirred, you will be better able to judge if more eyeshadow powder is needed. Using your good judgment and a whole lot of patience, you've officially made your liquid eyeshadow creation. Congrats! Now, go try it on!

Cosmetics Center's Top Liquid Eyeshadow Picks

We have the best professionally created liquid eyeshadow picks before you get the measuring spoons and makeup jars out. If you aren't much of a recipe follower, these picks are for you. We took into consideration the buildability of the liquid shadow on top of the powder shadow, the long-lasting wear, creasing, the ability to blend, the finish, and much more to bring forth a specialized curated list of the absolute best liquid eye shadows in existence. Are you ready to fall completely in love? Here we go.

e.l.f. Liquid Metallic Eyeshadow

The super clean makeup and skincare line is known for the lowest prices possible for high-quality ingredients in their products. Being a cruelty-free, vegan, and chemical-free skin-loving company will leave even the most sensitive skin irritation-free and happy. With that said, everyone can get in on this high-impact shimmer for your eyes worry-free.

Why We Love It

The E.L.F. liquid eyeshadows, named for the beauty of the night, have names like "meteor", or "supernova" to perfectly match the shade it comes in. The most incredible luster comes in the "moon" shade that's perfect for the lowest part of the lids. This one-swipe wonder's multi-dimensional is made possible by the pearl-like sparkle and shimmer of the gel formula. The best part of this liquid eyeshadow is that it is long-wearing, quick to dry, and you can build your eyes up from the eyeshadow primer as a makeup artist does. When you use the E.L.F. liquid eyeshadow on top of the powder eyeshadow, you can expect the most minimal fallout and maximum sparkle every time.

Eyeshadow Specs: "Moon" Shade

The doe-foot applicator within a tube makes this liquid eyeshadow perfect for beginners and professionals alike. There are 3 millimeters of eyeshadow inside the makeup product which allows for a ton of use. With a teeny-tiny gel-like liquid eyeshadow, you can take this everywhere you go for perfect metallic finishes on the go. With the most variety, there is every color imaginable. E.L.F. has everything you need to build perfect eyes. Check out their eyeshadow primer, powder eyeshadow palettes, and the whole collection of their liquid eyeshadow where each piece is guaranteed under $10. We love that E.L.F. is cheap, incredible, and they just get better all the time.

How To Apply

With a clean finger or eyeshadow brush, the E.L.F. liquid eyeshadow is a cinch to spread. The doe-foot applicator is handy for quick and easy precise application.

Haus Laboratories' Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow

Anything made by Lady Gaga herself is expected to be eccentric and electrifying. And this liquid eyeshadow exceeds all expectations from the color detail and beauty of the pigments she's proudly created to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. In just a few short years, Lady Gaga has been a radical color freak and the queen of her beauty gurus in the beauty and makeup business. She has focused her vision on clean and high-quality show-stopping makeup for the beauty product addict. If you need shimmer, sparkle, glitter, and fabulous color detail with remarkable depth for your lids and lips, Gaga is your girl.

The mission of Gaga and Haus Labs is to "spread kindness, bravery, and creativity by providing tools for self-expression and reinvention" for every single person in the world. Gaga is known for the out-loud support for the LGBTQ+ community across the world and her unstoppable force for the anti-bullying movement in America.

Why We Love It

Haus Labs has 13 shimmer eyeshadows and 4 ultra-lustrous metallic liquid-to-powder eyeshadow options. For maximum sparkle, use more than one color at a time to create a perfect blend with the super buildable eyeshadow. The liquid eyeshadow is fade-defying with minimal fallout and a multidimensional shine and shimmer for perfect metallic finishes. The liquid-to-powder eyeshadow makes the color detail stand out as a loose pigment does but with the infallible ease of application the liquid eyeshadow offers. Fool-proof eyes from Gaga just make sense when you understand her mission for easy self-expression and creative make-up. We love that you don't have to be a professional makeup artist to delve into all Haus Labs has to offer.

Eyeshadow Specs: "Starlight" Shade

Haus Labs' makeup collection is only available on Amazon and is the first beauty line to launch exclusively on Amazon's online mega warehouse store. Haus Labs launched its first makeup collection in 9 countries including France, Germany, and the US. So, don't hit up the local Target for any of Gaga's electric makeup collection. Haus Labs' liquid eyeshadow weighs in at a small 0.12 ounces but a little of this liquid-to-powder eyeshadow goes a long way. You get an even and flawless finish no matter how many times you layer this liquid eyeshadow on your eyes.

How To Apply

To use the Glam Attack first shake the liquid eyeshadow to activate the color. Then, use the liquid eyeshadow to create layers that supply your lids with glamorous color and rich metallic finishes. You can either accomplish a sheer finish with fewer layers of the eyeshadow, or you can create a daring look with a bold finish. With the "starlight" liquid eyeshadow shade, you get an incredible luster and minimal fallout, and the perfect mix of shimmer and glitter for the best liquid eyeshadow.

Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

Stila Cosmetics, pronounced STEE-Lah, is named after the Swedish word "still", meaning style. As the founder of the makeup brand grew up in Sweden, she built a flourishing career as a makeup artist before she decided to create her own makeup collection in 1994. Even though the brand has been bought and sold on numerous occasions. The buyers saw it fit to move it from Jeanine Lobell the makeup artist who started the business to Japan, back to Estee Lauder, to California, to New York where it is now. With such an unstable history, one thing has remained the same, the high quality of the makeup. Now, Stila has made its way to the best liquid eye shadow you just have to try.

Why We Love It

One standard that we have here is cruelty-free, so of course, you can rest assured that Stila won't smudge that up with their great cruelty-free policies. The makeup artist who started the brand has always said a woman's makeup should be as unique as her own signature, and in many respects, this is seen in much of her makeup collection. One unique piece of her makeup collection is the Shimmer and Glow liquid eye shadow. Unlike a lot of the competition, Stila created a sheer finish to its outstanding shimmer made of small pearl-like particles to make the incredible luster show in high definition. You can wear the sheer beauty alone, or you can pair it with your favorite powder shadow.

Liquid Eyeshadow Specs: "Kitten" shade

This compact tube is packed with all the shimmer and shine every girl needs to accomplish the most beautiful eyes that really sparkle and glitter. Containing a whopping 4.5 ML to get your shimmer on every day of the week for a long time to come. With the Stila Cosmetics brand, you can acquire a whole makeup bag full of its beauty products and have money left over for a Starbucks run every morning.

How To Use

The "Kitten" shade liquid eye shadow from Stila is an easy swipe of the doe-foot applicator onto your eyes. Then, blend and even it out with a clean finger or eyeshadow brush. The easiest part of your mornings surely.

Rimmel Wonder Cloud Liquid Eyeshadow

Rimmel is one of the most well-known and popular makeup brands in the makeup world. You can find Rimmel in your local drug store alongside Covergirl and Maybelline for cheap prices. We love Rimmel for all its amazing and super affordable treasures in its makeup collection; the Wonder Cloud liquid eyeshadow is exceptionally wonderful. The incredible luster will stay on your eyes all day long with this whipped liquid eyeshadow, guaranteed!

Why We Love It

Being one of the original cheap yet high-quality makeup collections to boast of cruelty-free production practices makes this beauty brand number 1 in our book. We love the stay-on-all-day formula so you can slay all day. We also love the exceptional soft matte finish that will transform your lids in seconds. The eyeshadow primer is already put into the Rimmel liquid eyeshadow and will shave minutes off your morning beauty routine!

Liquid Eyeshadow Specs: "004 Spice Petal" Shade

The 2 ML tube of liquid eyeshadow may not seem like a lot, but a little goes a long way with this one-swipe matte wonder. The compact size of the eyeshadow tube makes it perfect for travel or doing your makeup on the go. This little beauty secret is a must-have for all your matte makeup-loving mamas.

How To Apply

Rimmel is all about the easy-to-apply makeup that stays easy with no need for touch-ups during the day. Apply your liquid eyeshadow with the doe-foot applicator and then blend with a soft makeup brush. No eyeshadow primer is necessary!

Maybelline NY Color Tattoo Eye Chrome Liquid Eyeshadow

Another "drug store" favorite that's surely in every girl's makeup bag of tricks is the one and only Maybelline New York! The brand is so well known for its cheap and fantastic beauty supplies that it's almost notorious. When you can find foundations and brow pencils for under five dollars on Amazon, it's a really good day. Only Maybelline has all that you can ever need in your beauty regiment at the fairest of prices that actually work wonders.

Why We Love It

We love that Maybelline is everywhere, there's no supply chain lack here. We love the Color Tattoo and Tattoo Studio makeup line for eyes because it has something for everyone in the selection. The Eye Chrome is a great extension to the Tattoo Studio/ Color Tattoo giving more options on how you'll dress up your eyes daily. The cruelty-free, sulfate/paraben-free makeup is good for even sensitive skin. This beauty brand has it all, and most of the time under ten bucks depending on where you shop for it.

Liquid Eyeshadow Specs: "Beige Luster" Shade

The Color Tattoo Eye Chrome is a breezy piece of makeup that will have your eyes sparkling and so sensuous in a snap. The metallic eyeshadow will saturate your eyes in brilliant color and all the tenacity for a whole 24 hours after its application. The liquid eyeshadow makeup from the Color Tattoo Eye Chrome has plenty to choose from; from a sharp purple color to 9 other colors for the boldest of eyes. We love the "beige luster" shade, it's more of a metallic dusty rose pink that goes with just every beauty-savvy makeup look. And under $5 how can you afford to not try it?

How To Apply

Use the doe-foot applicator to sweep the color over your eyelids after the eyeshadow primer is set. Then, use a makeup brush like an eyeshadow brush to blend the shade to your liking. You can layer and build with another Eye Chrome metallic eyeshadow or a powder eyeshadow to achieve the maximum glitter and shimmer for sultry and beautiful eyes.

KDOWES/Phoera Waterproof Liquid Eyeshadow Stick

From the makeup gurus that shook the world with the cheap full coverage foundation, comes a new and equally impressive glitter and shimmer liquid eyeshadow. The KDOWES is a climate-pledge friendly seller on Amazon to help to reduce its carbon footprint by smaller designed packages and reducing waste of the world's precious resources. The innovative Phoera makeup collection is clean and scientifically backed offering life-changing makeup. When you feel beautiful, you ARE beautiful. And that's hard science, when you feel good about yourself your beauty is three times more evident to those who encounter it.

Why We Love It

We love the scientifically backed makeup in general, but the liquid eyeshadow is amazing! All the sensitive skin and oily skin who can't wear just any makeup collection, this is for you in particular. The all-natural color that is employed is safe for all kinds of skin yet as brilliant and beautiful on every skin shade. We love the "Cream" shade of the liquid eyeshadow for the lower lids to start your smokey or halo eyeshadow work off right. It is a beautiful off-white shade that is buildable with either more liquid eyeshadow or powder shadow. The waterproof formula means you can cry or sweat with it on without any of the tissues it'd take to clean your eyes. The all-day wear color is perfect for long shifts at work or playdates.

Liquid Eyeshadow Specs: "Cream" Shade

The waterproof, fade-defying liquid eyeshadow comes in 11 extra spicy colors to enhance your beauty naturally. The slim, compact design allows you to take it everywhere you go. The eyeshadow stick is 21 grams in weight for many uses to come.

How To Apply

Start with the natural glitter stick with a doe-foot applicator to swipe the brilliant shade over your lids. Next, use a clean finger or an eyeshadow brush to blend the color seamlessly across your lids. This liquid eyeshadow glitter has an incredible luster for building brilliant, charming eyes every day.

Lucoss Waterproof Liquid Eyeshadow

Lucoss is an Amazon beauty and makeup company that has a deep knowledge of everything makeup. Their makeup collection addresses the most common threats to a perfect makeup application and uses its resources to correct these threats. With great waterproof, sweat-resistant, and non-staining beauty necessities, you have to take a good look at their makeup collection.

Why We Love It

We love the liquid eyeshadow that is waterproof, sweat-resistant that comes in a multitude of color and sparkle options. It won't stain your clothes or your skin despite the ultra-rich high glitter colors. The eyeshadow has maximum sparkle for everyday reinvention and beauty-rich renewal. If you want to get in on an assortment of colors that can reinvent your makeup bag for less than ten bucks, this is your ticket.

Liquid Eyeshadow Specs: Set of 6

The assortment of colors in this liquid eyeshadow set will inspire new and gorgeous looks for your eyes every day. In this perfectly curated set of 6 liquid eyeshadow colors, each shade will build perfectly with the next. You can't go wrong with this waterproof set made for all occasions.

How To Apply

First, use a good eyeshadow primer that will make each shade pop like a white base eyeshadow primer. Then pick out the shades you want to use and apply them one shade at a time. In between layering your lids, use an eyeshadow brush to blend each shade. Then do a once-over blend at the end to achieve soft sexy eyes.

Play Up Your Lids Every Day

There's a known fact about beauty, people notice your eyes and lips more than anything about you. Why not play them up for first impressions and lasting impressions? With the help of our team, we can keep you up-to-date on all things beauty and makeup. It is totally optional, but there's not much that compares to the feeling you get when you notice heads turning when you walk into a room fully made up. The things that it does for your confidence are truly the best. So, go ahead and play up your eyes and throw some lip gloss on and revel in your glory. You deserve it.

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