Kat Von D Foundation Review

For anyone wanting to look and feel our best, the application of a quality foundation is essential to creating a finished, sophisticated look. Unfortunately for many, foundation has gotten a bad rap as we visualize orange lines, cakey cheeks, and an unnatural appearance that plagued us during our formative makeup years, creating misconceptions of unnatural and garish makeup looks. Innovations in the makeup industry and a commitment to crafting better products have yielded some superior products worthy of our attention. Perhaps it’s time to shelve former misperceptions and discover what is possible with a beautiful, high-quality makeup foundation.

What Is Foundation?

Foundation is a makeup that comes in liquid, cream, or powder form. It is applied to the face and neck to create a uniform color that enhances your complexion. Foundation can also cover flaws and help to correct imbalances in skin tone. Sophisticated blends can have more than one function, moisturizing, clarifying, and even protecting skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Foundation products are not just created for the face, either. Some have gotten on the body painting bandwagon to boost healthy, all-over color. 

Foundations of Our Forefathers

Early civilizations played with chalk and white lead powder to alter the look of their skin. Some believed it to be more fashionable to foster a pale complexion, favoring toxic lead paste that resulted in injury and disfigurement to thousands of men and women of Ancient Rome. Thank goodness we are no longer working with some of those primitive blends that did more harm than good to those brave enough to try cosmetic enhancement. 

When we came to our senses around the turn of the 18th century, fashion-forward men and women began taking their cosmetic cues from actors and actresses of the time. Carl Baudin was an actor in the Leipziger Stadt Theater in Germany, and he can be credited for the invention of greasepaint, a predecessor of modern foundation. His desire to conceal the joint between his wig and forehead gave way to a marvelous mixture of zinc white, ochre, and vermillion encased in lard. This makeup became so popular that Baudin quit acting to begin producing his magical mixture commercially, and this move gave birth to the first theatrical makeup.

Modern Foundations

Several up-and-coming innovators contributed to the modern formulations that we sport today. Each product released on the market goes through a rigorous classification process to ensure that product can be matched meticulously to our unique skin tone, texture, and chemical makeup. Whether you are just beginning the process of selecting the right foundation for your polished presentation, or you have been riding the makeup wave for years, much attention should be given to the following aspects of foundation that make it an ideal match for your complexion.


Foundation colors may be identified by number, letter, name, or any combination of the three. Unfortunately, these classifications are not standardized across the industry. For instance, if a makeup artist was to request a medium-beige foundation, the end result can vary dramatically from brand to brand, and even within a singular brand at times. Cosmetic manufacturers can also edit and adjust formulas at any time, meaning that what you knew as your favorite medium beige could suddenly change in color or composition, wreaking havoc on what you thought was a consistent look.


Most cosmetic companies classify foundation as warm, neutral, cool, or olive based on being able to match skin tone. Certain professional makeup lines such as Visiora, M.A.C., William Tuttle, and Max Factor, do the opposite, naming shades with the intention to cancel out natural skin tones so combinations of foundation and pigmentation do not become excessively warm or cool. Do a little research on your preferred foundation brand and find out what they do to classify colors to enhance the look of natural skin.


While there is merit in being able to match skin tone exactly, there are times when selecting a mismatch can achieve the desired result. Those with excessively red skin can minimize blotchiness by using a neutral beige foundation. Sallow, yellowish skin benefits from the use of a rosy shade, while olive and ashy skin is instantly brightened with warm, peach undertones. Recognize that the shade you see in packaging is not necessarily an accurate indicator of how it will look on the skin. Many foundation companies now provide sample sizes of their product to encourage the trial and error process without disheartening wearers and draining their pocketbooks. Take advantage of these sample sizes and start experimenting with color to find your best match.

Shade Ranges 

If you are not aware of your unique undertones, finding a foundation that meets all of your needs will be challenging. A number of companies are continually improving the shade options they provide, with the intention to cater to every beautiful skin tone. Should you find a favorite shade, be mindful when switching brands, as the inconsistencies in labeling could provide you with a most unwelcome surprise at the first application. Color correction products can also enhance the look and effect of your foundation, helping to cover hyperpigmentation and redness. 

Coverage Options

The term “coverage” refers to the opacity of foundation and how much it will cover on the skin. Sheer foundations are the most transparent, containing the least amount of pigment. Sheer formulas will not be able to hide discoloration on the skin, but they can minimize contrast between areas of concern and the rest of your face. 

Light foundation can provide an even, all-over improvement to skin, covering blotchiness and some blemishes, but it is not opaque enough to cover hyperpigmentation, liver spots, and freckles. Light foundation contains between 13-18 percent pigment, making it perfect for sheer, all-over coverage that doesn’t dramatically enhance your appearance.

Medium coverage foundation is able to cover most discolorations, blemishes, and even freckles, with the right tint. Containing up to 23 percent pigment, it can provide a smooth, blemish-free appearance to skin that lasts all day.

Full coverage is for those difficult-to-cover skin conditions such as birthmarks, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. Sometimes referred to as “corrective” makeup, it contains up to 40 percent pigment, with professional brands going as high as 50 percent for effective coverage

The Right Shade at the Right Price: Kat Von D‘s Specialty Foundations

Katherine von Drachenberg, known professionally as Kat Von D, was born in Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Her parents were missionaries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, raising a small family south of the border and in Colton, California, where they relocated the family. Von D grew up with interests outside the boundaries of traditional religions, taking an intense interest in art and music that would eventually lead her to a successful career as a tattoo artist at the young age of 16. 

Von D enjoyed a career as a successful tattoo artist, rubbing elbows with the big players in series like Miami Ink and LA Ink, a series that chronicled work at her own tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoo. It was here that she broke a Guinness World Record for most tattoos given in by a person in 24 hours, totaling 400. After the show’s cancellation, Kat turned her attention to another passion, makeup. In 2008, Kat created and launched her makeup line for cosmetics giant Sephora. Through a number of product innovations and a commitment to finding clean, green options for makeup enthusiasts everywhere, Kat went vegan with her product line and rebranded the line as KVD Vegan Beauty

KVD Beauty Philosophy

Kat Von D and her co-creators are not bound by the confines of traditional beauty and conventional expectations. Tattoo-inspired art and non-traditional shades of lip and eye color helps to bring out your individuality and personal creativity as you craft your ideal look. Products are high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free, ensuring that you can purchase with confidence, and without guilt. Kat Von D has a passion for giving you the tools to “live your beauty truth,” and those brave souls who desire to shake up their normal beauty routine find new life through her unique products. 

Vegan Victories

From the very beginning, Kat remained committed to creating cruelty-free makeup products. Makeup products are not tested on animals, and they are not sold in regions and product categories that require animal testing before distribution. The evolution to fully vegan began with the inception of KVD Tattoo Liner, and a short time later, the entire line boasted vegan-only production. Ingredients derived from animals, such as lanolin, collagen, beeswax, carmine, and gelatin, have been replaced with plant-based formulas containing olive oil, avocado, and bamboo powder. Superior blends are crafted without the use of chemicals, harmful additives, or synthetic fragrances. KVD shatters the myth that vegan makeup can’t perform as well as traditional brands.

Answering the Call With Foundations

The best foundation can set the tone for your whole look or weigh you down and add years to your face. Kat Von D Foundation provides the optimal balance of weightless blend with maximum coverage, giving you a beautiful canvas with which to work. The following Kat Von D foundations will revolutionize the way you see makeup, transforming your look from drab to fab. Try one, find a favorite in the varied shade range, and discover just how good vegan beauty can look and feel.

Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation: 150 Medium

Experience a pore-perfect, flawless, full-coverage foundation formulated with silky smooth rice powder extract, helping to cover imperfections. Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation is ideal for those who desire a fully-made up look without the “greasy” feel of a liquid formula. White kaolin helps to absorb excess oil, ensuring a matte look that can last all day, even on oily skin. Lock-It Powder Foundation is ideal for all skin types, providing instant blendability and long-lasting wear for any occasion.

KAT VON D Lock-It Powder Foundation - (150 Medium)
Photo source: amazon.com

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation: Medium 54 Cool

Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation is a sheik, weightless formula with cool beige undertones. Full coverage liquid covers flawless perfection with a simple matte finish. With Lock-It Foundation, a little goes a long way. Free from parabens, phthalates, and harmful chemicals, this product is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it’s never tested on animals. 

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Medium 54 Cool
Photo source: amazon.com

Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation: Medium 030

True Portrait Foundation is a medium, lightweight coverage foundation offered in nearly 40 vegan shades. An innovative, liquid-to-powder formulation will not clog pores yet provides excellent coverage that will not crack or cake. Hybrid powder ingredients are hard at work absorbing oil in trouble spots, helping to control shine on the longest days. Create your ideal look with flawless confidence.

Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation Medium 030
Photo source: amazon.com

Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation: Light 018

Fair skin needs some love too! Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation is perfect for all skin types and skin tones, ensuring that you get the coverage you want where you need it most. An exclusive blend of ingredients goes on smoothly, leaving a dry, matte finish that’ll last through the day’s most vigorous activities. All-natural, plant-based ingredients effortlessly sweep away excess oil and control shine for hours.

Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation Light 018
Photo source: amazon.com

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation: 44 Light Cool Fair Alabaster

Kat Von D‘s Lock-It Foundation is a high-quality, richly-pigmented foundation designed for full coverage that leaves a smooth, beautiful finish. Created to provide exceptional coverage with a natural look, this superior formula is developed with proprietary pigments targeting virtually any skin type and tone with bold results. Top-notch ingredients and silicon elastomers provide 24-hour wear with little to no transfer. Natural polymers absorb oil and sweep away impurities that provide a smooth texture and beautiful finish.

KAT VON D Lock-it Foundation, 44 Light Cool
Photo source: amazon.com

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation: Light 48

Loyal users praise Kat Von D‘s line of Lock-It Tattoo Foundations, particularly for the beautiful coverage they provide for all skin tones. Superior matte finish and color-enhancing technology are built in to every expertly crafted formula. Whether you have light, medium, or dark skin tones, Lock-It Tattoo Foundation is specifically formulated to fit your coverage and wear needs.

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Light 48
Photo source: amazon.com

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation: Light 42

Alabaster queens all over the world are elated at the care and attention to which Kat Von D gives her unique line of color-stay foundations. Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Light 42 is the lightest shade in a line of beautiful, long-lasting foundations that provide expert coverage for hard-to-conceal skin. Fair skin has a unique set of challenges to deal with, from dry patches and redness to blemish coverage and blotchiness. Kat Von D addresses all of these challenges with richly-pigmented, natural color that lasts. Uniquely treated pigments allow full coverage that addresses the most uneven skin tone and texture. Just a few drops will provide coverage that you’ve only dreamed about with other products, with staying power until you take it off. 

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Light 42
Photo source: amazon.com

Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation: 135 Light

Spread it, set it, forget it. Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation is the perfect complement to her superior line of liquid foundations. This vegan powder formula goes on silky smooth, never cakey or flakey, and it sets foundation in place for a flawless complexion that will turn heads. Even sensitive skin will be nourished by a soothing blend of natural botanical ingredients and rich pigments that cover all types of skin issues. Use with Kat Von D‘s line of makeup applicators for guaranteed coverage that lasts through daytime and well into the night. 

KAT VON D Lock-It Powder Foundation - (135 Light)
Photo source: amazon.com

Foundation: The Star Ingredient to a Beautiful Complexion

Some say that a good skin care regime is the answer to all your skin care woes, but there’s no arguing that a high-quality foundation can lay the groundwork for your best complexion yet. Foundations have come such a long way from the days of orangey, cakey, and powdery. Thanks to natural formulas and superior coverage, we can now achieve that “all-natural” look with a little bit of help from our makeup professionals. 

Shop Kat Von D for Exquisite Beauty

The entire Kat Von D collection of beauty products is an answer to eco-friendly beauty. The entire line of foundations, lip, and eye products is 100 percent vegan, with a commitment to cruelty-free testing and unparalleled production. Regardless of which foundation product you choose to add to your collection, you’ll reveal healthier, more beautiful, and more flawless skin with every application. 

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