Top 7 Flat Liners To Try

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It’s not easy to master the art of eye makeup. To achieve that magical look on your face, every beauty fan must first learn to apply makeup products. It’s critical to master the basics of dazzling eye appearance. You can become creative with your makeup skills to enhance your look after knowing what brushes to use and how to apply them. There are so many different eye makeup brushes on the market that figuring out which one is for what can be a difficult chore.

It’s just as vital to use the appropriate brush to use the right makeup product. Knowing how to use a range of brush sets correctly can add more perfection to your art. Knowing which eye brushes to include in your makeup arsenal might assist a beginner in perfecting the technique. To get the fantastic look and shine, use the right tool! Flawless eye makeup can enhance the beauty and appeal of your eyes!

As a beginner, you’ll need the 7 popular flat liner eye brushes discussed in this article to do your eye makeup flawlessly.

What Are Different Types of Eyeliner Brushes?

Eyeliner brushes are the most challenging thing to work with regarding eye makeup. Make your eye makeup simple, easy, and seamless with the help of a robust eyeliner brush. However, there are a variety of eyeliner brushes on the market.

It’s critical to choose one that will assist you in improving your entire eye appearance. A narrow brush, for example, is suitable for drawing lines, whereas a dome-shaped brush is ideal for gel eyeliners. The ones that are tilted give a more precise drawing. Flat-angled brushes draw angled lines, while flat tips make accurate straight lines. Make sure the brush’s bristles or tips are soft for a flawless application.

Eyeliner Brush

The Eyeliner Brush has a thin, sparsely tipped tip that is useful for drawing fine lines. Filling in or drawing a thick line is only effective for layering lines above lines. You cannot use this eyeliner brush to create a winged or curved line.

Dome Shaped Semi Flat Brush

Gel eyeliners typically come with a domed-shaped semi-flat brush, making it simple for the user to apply the desired substance on the brush. In addition, the brush is moderately dense, making it simple to draw a reasonably thick line or even filling in the right wings and angles.

Angled Bent Eyeliner Brush

The Angled Bent Eyeliner Brush creates a precise thin line that resembles the no-eyeliner look. In addition, the Angled Brush is ideal for winged eyeliner since the bent side allows for a curved line and wing to be drawn.

Flat Angled Tip Brush

The angled packed hair on the Flat Angled Tip Brush is excellent for drawing slants or tight lines. Small Angled, Medium Angled, and Large Angled Brushes are among the Angles available for a flat angled tip brush. It’s the most straightforward Cat eyeliner brush, adding drama with dense lines.

Flat Tip Brush

This brush is flat and tightly packed, making it simple to handle and draw a finely accurate straight line. It’s most commonly used to apply eye shadow on the upper eyelid in a straight line for a softer, more natural effect.

Below are the top 7 flat liners to try.

1. Eyeliner Brush Fine Angled – PRO Precision Gel Eye Liner Makeup Brush -Ultra Thin Slanted Flat Angle – Premium Quality – Cruelty-Free Synthetic Bristles (Fine Angled Eyeliner Brush)

The EIGShow Eyeliner Brush Fine Angled PRO has an ultra-thin brush head that is pleasant to the touch and holds as much or as little makeup as you desire.


This eyeliner brush is highly accurate and responsive to your hand’s movements, allowing you to create subtle accents on your eyes and other ‘sensitive’ areas of your face swiftly and efficiently. You don’t have to move your brush slowly and carefully because you’re afraid of blurring your eyes. This product provides you with excellent control, flexibility, and handling.

This EIGShow eyeliner makeup brush is perfect for adding some extra unique effects to your eyes or creating a more subtle appearance that fits with ambient light. Because of its narrow head and tilted flat angle design, you can work hard to brush parts of your face from as many angles as possible. As a result, you’ll be more comfortable, and you’ll be able to apply the proper gel powder or liquid cream where it’s needed with less difficulty and shakiness. You can always trust on EIGShow brushes to make you seem as attractive, alive, and intriguing as ever, thanks to the quality wood materials used for handles and fibers for the bristles!

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2. Docolor Duo Eyebrow Brush, Professional Angled Eye Brow Brush, and Spoolie Brush For Shaping and Defining Eyebrows (White and Golden, Wooden Handle)

The Docolor Duo Eyebrow Brush Professional includes a premium spoolie brush for grooming and blending and a professional angled brow brush for shaping and defining eyebrows.


You can draw the perfect eyebrows with the double-headed style that the Docolor duo eyebrow brush features. For shaping and filling brows, use this professional angled brow brush. You will have a pleasing appearance with eyebrow powder on the brush to define the brows and the brush progressively filling in the brows. The premium spoolie brush is used for blending and grooming eyebrows. After drawing the brows, softly comb along the direction of the brows with the spoolie brush to keep the eyebrow color uniform and natural.

The Docolor duo eyebrow brush is synthetic fibers with bristles and has a lightweight and sturdy wooden handle. The 153 mm/6 inch length of the eyebrow brush makes it delicate and straightforward to hold. The double-headed eyebrow brush can effortlessly make your brows look neat and appealing, making it ideal for professional and home use. Furthermore, it can be used by both men and women.

3. Eyebrow Brush Kit Thin Angled – Eye Brow Concealer Contour Brush to Shape and Conceal Eyes Duo Spoolie Brushes Firm Bristles Definer for Filling Pomade Gel | Defining Arches Winged Eyeliner Stencil

The Eyebrow Brush Kit Thin Angled aids in creating flawlessly symmetrical brows with shaping, filling, and arch definition.


This Eyebrow Brush Set is meant to achieve perfect contouring control when applying creams or primers. The fine Razor hand-cut bristles are angled precisely to create immaculate hair-like strokes. These slanted brushes, dense contouring brushes, and tinting filler brushes include easy-to-hold handles for cosmetics like tinting filler with brow stencils, slanted brushes, and thick contouring brushes to contour your brows with unique matte, nude, or color pigments for flawless arched brows.

The eyebrow brushes are meticulously hand-cut to ensure that they cover all of your eyebrow makeup needs. Every slanted brow brush comprises excellent non-shed, synthetic solid fibers with durable, non-slip, slender handles for maximum control. The eyebrow brushes for cosmetics have soft, delicate, and hypoallergenic bristles that won’t irritate your skin. This angled brow brush is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the United States by a professional HMUA to meet the needs of cosmetics fans who want to achieve flawlessly defined eyebrow arches.

4. Eyeliner Brush Gel Liner Brush Set – Angled Winged Eyeliner Brush – Thin Eyeliner Brush – Flat Definer – Pencil Makeup Brush – Create Cat Eye Looks And Perfect Winged Liner With Liquid Eyeliner

The Eyeliner Brush Gel Liner Brush Set allows you to effortlessly make a sensuous Winged liner and fill and define your forms.


This eyeliner brush set is designed for precise control when using Gel Liners or filling shapes with eyeliner pencils. The revolutionary brush set delivers Sexy Cat Eyes, and Winged Liner Looks by providing exceptional brush control for eyeliner application. The brushes are composed of AAA synthetic hair, less prone to breakage and damage, and offer long-lasting, shedding-free, easy-to-clean bristles.

Vertex Beauty makeup brushes were created by professional makeup artists and estheticians who understood how difficult it is to create perfect looks and wanted to make it easier and more achievable. The Eyeliner Brush Set was built in the United States and is constructed of high-quality non-bleached synthetic hair (AAA), which is completely safe for sensitive skin. In addition, it is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Hypoallergenic. The brushes are ideal for applying all sorts of eyeliner makeup products and are suitable for sensitive skin because they are produced from superior synthetic hair and are cruelty-free.

5. Aesthetica Pro Series Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush & Spoolie – Angled Brow Brush for Precision Application & Blending of Eye Brow Powders, Waxes & Gels – Vegan & Cruelty-Free

The Aesthetica Pro Series Double-Ended Eyebrow Brush has high-quality synthetic bristles and a spoolie brush for immaculate brow grooming and application.


The Aesthetica Pro Series brow brush is ideal for various brow forms. This brush is perfect for creating fashionable bold brows with your favorite brow stencils. It adds volume and substance to brows that are usually thin or over-plucked. It’s an excellent match for the Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit! All brow shapes will benefit from the Aesthetica Pro Series Double Ended Brow Brush.

When shaping and filling in your brows, the angled brush comes in helpful for creating precise, defined strokes while ensuring even product/color distribution. You can use the brush with brow powders, creams, gels, waxes, and stencils. With this brush, you can effortlessly contour and adjust your natural brows while depositing color precisely where you want it. Fill in arches and gaps quickly and add fullness and body to naturally thin or over-plucked/damaged brows.

The brow brush is constructed of synthetic bristles, and all Aesthetica products are cruelty-free and vegan!

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The NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Pro Flat Detail Brush is a flat shading brush that you may use for various applications on the eyelid.


The Pro Flat Detail Brush is the eye makeup brush for fun makeup looks since it is ideal for applying loose pigments and glitter in wet and dry formulas. In addition, it’s perfect for packing glitters and loose pigment into lids, thanks to its short, flat synthetic bristles. So consider it a makeup brush for only the most dramatic and glittering eye looks.

The pro brush includes ergonomic handles and incredibly soft synthetic vegan bristles for eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, powder, and concealer. Apply pigments, eye shadows, and creams to the eyelids with your NYX Professional Makeup Pro Flat Detail Brush. It’s also good for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. Animals belong on farms, not in laboratories, and all of NYX’s beauty products have been verified as cruelty-free by PETA. Therefore, animals are not used in the testing of their products.

7. Eyebrow Brush – Duo Eye Brow Spoolie – Angled Eyeshadow Eyeliner – Precision Flat Definer – Small Shader – Premium Quality 3 Piece Set – Cruelty-Free Synthetic Bristles – Apply Gel Powder Wax Pomade

The Eyebrow Brush – Duo Eye Brow is the best eyebrow brush set that makeup enthusiasts have been waiting for. It has 3 professional high-quality synthetic vegan eyebrow brushes with a double-ended makeup and dual eyebrow brush, an angled one, and a spoolie.


This kit includes every necessary brow brush you’ll need to achieve a flawless, confident appearance. This set blends luxury and affordability like no other eyebrow brush set can, with soft, resilient bristles made from the highest quality materials. This eyebrow makeup brush set features soft, cruelty-free premium synthetic bristles that are non-shedding and 100 percent vegan-friendly, as well as sleek, lightweight appealing hardwood handles that are very comfortable to use.

With this set, you can repair any thinning brows and restore the look of patchy brows. With ease and fun, you may change the shape of your naturally thin or damaged brows. You can make your eyes pop by expertly contouring, filling in gaps and arches with precise, defined strokes. Then, sculpt the accurate angle to align the curves of your entire face.

How To Clean Your Flat Liner Brush

It’s critical to keep your flat liner brushes clean. If you use dirty brushes without washing them, they will irritate your skin. Bacteria thrive in dirty brushes and sponges, leading to acne breakouts. You’ll need some lukewarm water and mild soap. Baby soap works wonders for eyeliner brushes. You may use it with both powder and gel brushes. Here’s how to keep your flat liner brushes free of germs.

First, wet the brush with lukewarm water, then add a couple of drops of soap/cleanser to the palm of your hand. Proceed gently massaging the bristles into your palm, allowing the soap to lather up the brush. Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze extra moisture with your fingers or a small towel. In the end, leave your brush to dry in its correct shape, preferably at the edge of a table or shelf. Do not let the bristles of your flat liner brush bunch up in a towel.

Although the approach described above is sufficient, some professionals prefer to use specific beauty equipment to ensure thorough cleansing.

Keep the brush head’s base, which links to the handle, away from soap and water during the wash. The bristles are attached to the bottom, but water and detergent can dissolve the glue, causing the bristles to loosen and shed. Also, drying brushes vertically with the bristles up might cause moisture to escape into the ferrule. This portion connects the strands to the handle, loosening the glue and resulting in bristle loss.

There’s no one answer for when exactly you should wash makeup brushes, but makeup artists and dermatologists tend to agree that the answer is: Often. If any makeup is visible on the brush, it is recommended that you wash it at least once every two weeks or more. Because you use these brushes on your face, they should be as clean as possible. You should clean brushes used around the eyes at least once a month.

If you are cleaning your brushes regularly, it does more than just merely keeping your skin clean. Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes can lengthen the life of the bristles and improve product application. Brush hairs and sponges are porous, allowing oils, dirt, and bacteria to stick to them. As a result, your application will be patchy, and blending will be complex if your brushes are dirty.

Final Thoughts

Putting on makeup for your eyes has never been so much fun. The choices are unlimited when you have a variety of colors, creams, liquids, and powders at your disposal, as well as the most incredible eyeliner brush in your collection. There are many styles to pick from, whether it’s a bold, thick line, the winged effect, or cat eyes.

Don’t be scared to experiment and venture outside of the box. That’s the most effective technique to hone your line-drawing skills. After all, practice makes perfect. You’ll be an expert at eyeliner in no time! But, regarding eyeliners and eye makeup, the most important thing is to have fun! So grab your flat eyeliner brush and start creating some eye candy!

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