Everything You Need to Know About Microshading


Everything You Need to Know About Microshading

Over the past few decades, eyebrows have become one of the most critical aspects of the entire face. One might not know how important eyebrows are until they don’t have them anymore. Thanks to various filters on social media platforms, this has been an opportunity for all of us. 

Perfecting your eyebrows may be one of those talents that you’re incredibly proud of or can’t quite get the hang of. Either way, they’re super important to the overall structure of the face. A simple arch or unique shape can take care of any proportion issues you may find on your face. It also can add definition and shape to your face. Eyebrows are not only necessary but also essential to the overall appearance of your face. 

If you’re tired of perfecting your eyebrows every morning before the work day, it might be time to look into other options. Thankfully, social media and the makeup industry aren’t the only places that have taken an understanding of the eyebrow perfection pandemic. Salons across the world have also taken an interest. Salons now offer various treatments for getting the perfect eyebrows! Microshading is one of the more basic treatments but will leave you with eyebrows that you soon learn you can’t live without. Please keep reading to learn everything you need about Microshading, how to do it, and who it’s best for. microblading woman

Microshading, Microblading | What’s the Difference?

Both treatments are all about pigmentation. Microshading and Microblading use handheld devices to address the lack of pigment throughout the eyebrows. These machines add more pigment to the eyebrows and give them a powdered and more intense look than the normal, natural eyebrow. Although it may be true that they both use handheld devices to add pigment, they’re different treatments, and the differences or crucial to understand before deciding on either one. So let’s look at a quick breakdown between the two treatments and their overarching difference. microblading woman

Snipbit on Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading treatments use a bladed needle that ultimately applies pigment beneath the skin. When the pigment is put into the eyebrows, your eyebrow technician will make strokes that look like natural hair. This treatment has the potential to both fill and shapes your brows. It can be totally up to you and your eyebrow technician about what you’d like for the final product. 

This treatment is better for those with dry skin. The pigment added to the eyebrows will fade quicker if done on dry skin. It also allows for a lighter finish, making the brows look impeccable. 

As with most lash and brow procedures, insurance doesn’t cover this, and it can sometimes cause pain and discomfort. The pain and discomfort are essential due to the blade and usually subside within a few hours. Additionally, the treatment is only semipermanent and, depending on your skin type, usually only lasts around six to eight months. When it comes to the overall lasting of the treatment, it’s essential to consider how well you’ll take care of the brows. They can last anywhere from one to three years with proper care! 

Snipbit on Eyebrow Microshading

Microshading achieves a powdered eyebrow look. It uses a small needle to apply pigment dots. These dots cover the entire brow area and can take about 1-2 hours to fully Microshade both eyebrows. At the end of the procedure, one will notice a more powdered look in their eyebrows

This treatment creates beautiful, thick, and full eyebrows. While also resembles something done with a powder eyebrow brush. Microshading is best for someone with sensitive or oily skin. It is best for oily skin because the oil won’t fade the small dots. 

When it comes to Microshading, it’s not covered by any insurance, and it also can cause mild discomfort and pain, which is fine because it tends to subside within a few hours. Again, depending on the skin type, this form of eyebrow treatment lasts only 3 to 6 months. As with Microblading, it all depends on how well you take care of your brows. Follow all of your technician’s instructions for longer last brows. microblading materials

Snipbit on the Difference

After reading about both of these procedures, it’s pretty evident they are different. The main difference, of course, is the application of the pigment. While Microblading uses a blade to introduce pigments, Microshading uses a small pinpoint needle. 

When pigment is applied through a Microshading treatment, the pigment enters the skin through a very, very small hole. It allows it to set a bit better and look like filled-in brows, rather than natural ones. 

Another big difference is skin type. It’s important to know your skin type and talk to your technician about what they think will be the best procedure for you. Both work differently with different skin types, making it wonderful because there’s something out there for everyone. 

Snipbit on the Similarities

Both treatments will get your eyebrows looking good and ready for a workday or night out. They’re both achieved through pigment being ingrained into the eyebrow skin. They are essentially giving the look of full, thick eyebrows without applying daily eyebrow makeup.

Who Should Receive a Microshading Eyebrow?

Microblading was first introduced around 25 years ago in Asia. While Microshading is a much newer technique, it’s still very successful. The difference is that one didn’t work quite well with oily skin. Therefore, the lovely eyebrow technicians of the world came up with an answer! Microshading. 

Therefore, micro shading is a much better option for anyone with oily or sensitive skin. The overall look might be slightly different, but your brows and skin will thank you. Along with that, your wallet will thank you. Oily skin and Microblading don’t mix well, and the pigment will quickly fade away. But with Microshading, the oil doesn’t have the same effect, which makes it a much better choice. It is also more careful with sensitive skin as the pigment is only applied to one tiny hole rather than the entire eyebrow

When it comes down to it, the first step is chatting with your eyebrow technician. Undoubtedly, they know the skin around the eyebrows the best. These technicians will have an answer for you, quickly and hopefully without question. If there is a question in their voice, it might be time to find a new technician. 

Getting a Microshading Eyebrow Treatment

If you’ve decided that a Microshading eyebrow treatment is proper for you, then it’s time to sit down and learn exactly what to expect. First, you’ll need to find a technician to do the procedure. You can find some great eyebrow technicians and coupons through Groupon, or for a more reliable search, check out this website and find different salons in your area and state. Booksy also provides users with detailed customer service reviews and much more! You can search by state or directly use your location to find a place. It might be beneficial to go in for an initial eyebrow shaping consult to feel out the environment before deciding whether they’re the right place for your Microshading appointment. 

The next most important aspect to consider is the price. Of course, any treatment is going to be the same price relatively. With that in mind, some salons will offer different specials throughout the year. So it’s important to call around and ask and ensure you’re getting the best price. The overall cost of the procedure can run anywhere “from $750.00 – $2,000”. This price will typically cover two visits. micro blading machine

The First Visit:

The first visit is to give your technician all the information about your face dimensions and desired look. If you already have a look in your mind, then don’t be afraid to bring in a picture and show your technician. It will not only help you get what you want, but it will also help them keep you happy and reach your expectations. 

Basically, during this visit, your technician will get measurements of your face and facial features. They will also draw out your eyebrows and help to distinguish the brow shape and look you’re going for (this is where the picture comes in handy). Your technician will also determine the pigment color that works best with your brows, skin color, and hair color

Once the dimensions are measured, and the pigment is matched, you’re ready to go! Now your technician will start the process of Microshading. At this point, the only thing you can do is close your eyes and try to stay as relaxed as possible. Lash naps are some of the most relaxing times that busy humans get, and you shouldn’t waste them! Ask your technician if they have any Lash Nap Spray to help you relax and enjoy a nice nap. 

The Second Visit:

The second visit is much less intense and time-consuming than the first. This session will most likely take about an hour. This visit will happen around eight weeks after the first (depending on your technician and their schedule). ,Here the technician will fix up any loose ends that were hard to see when the procedure was initially finished. The technician will essentially tweak the brow shape and if necessary, add a bit more pigment to the brow if they feel it needs to be thicker or more full. 

At this point, you should also talk to your technician about anything you’d like to change. The technician may be able to make simple changes depending on the intensity you’re looking for. measuring eyebrows

What To Do BEFORE My Brow Appointments

Now that you understand exactly what happens during the Microshading appointments, let’s chat about what you should and shouldn’t do before each appointment. Although it may not seem like a big deal, there are a few things that you’ll want to avoid before getting your brows Microshaded, and these are quite important to your health, well-being, and desired brow outcome. 

The Do’s 

  • Find a pic of the brows you want
  • Take care of your skin 
  • Clean your face of makeup and impurities before coming in

The Don’ts

  • No botox – Botox changes as it settles into the face. If you complete a Microshading treatment on Botox, it has the potential also to settle and move to a different location on the face. 
  • No chemical Peels – Chemical peels last much longer under the skin than you might think. It takes a lot longer for the chemicals to work through the skin than meets the eye. Therefore, mixing a Microshading treatment with the chemicals that come from a chemical peel can be dangerous. 
  • No Retinol or Vitamin A – The main idea of retinol is to “affect the pigmented cells.” When it comes to Microshading, you’re intentionally putting pigmented cells into your skin. Therefore, the retinol and Vitamin A will fade the pigmentation much earlier than they would naturally. Avoiding these two ingredients near the eyebrows altogether is probably a good idea if you plan to have any coloring treatments done, as they can last within the skin for up to a month. 
  • No sunbathing – Try not to tan or sunbathe at least one day before the procedure and seven days after. 
  • No Waxing – Waxing, threading, and plucking will affect the overall shape of the eyebrows. It will make it much more difficult for your technician to match the right shape as the other hairs will grow over time. 
  • No Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, or Ibuprofen – These medicines are all blood thinners and may cause your skin to bleed during the procedure. If the skin bleeds, the pigment may not be able to get deep enough into the pores.
  • No alcohol or caffeine – In the same light as the abovementioned blood thinners, not drinking caffeine or alcohol will help to avoid any extra swelling that isn’t needed. micorshading woman

Microshading After Care

The healing process of Microshading isn’t what it cracks up to be. It’s quite simple, and normally any feelings of discomfort or pain will quickly go away over time. It’s essential to do the usual activities to care for the skin. Your technician will probably give you direct instructions for cleaning and taking care of your eyebrows. The salon or spa may also provide an antibacterial ointment to apply to your brows for a few days after the procedure.

Benefits of Microshading

There are tons of benefits of Microshading, besides saving time. There are various reasons one might be looking into Microshading over Microbalding, but the main one is usually due to skin type. Check out all of the benefits:

Benefit #1: Great for Sensitive and Oily Skin

Benefit #2: Gives the appearance of powder-drawn brows

Benefit #3: Thicker, fuller brows

Benefit #4: Semipermanent; With proper care has the potential to last for one to three years

Benefit #5: Will does not affect natural hair growth 


In conclusion, there’s no doubt that eyebrows are some of the humans’ most important facial features. For decades and centuries, they have been plucked, prodded, waxed, threaded, and in some cases, kept natural. Whatever the liking and potential eyebrows you’re looking for in this day and age, you can easily meet them! Welcome to the world of professional eyebrow technicians. These technicians are prepared to answer all questions, understand your skin type, and get you to your desired results. 

When it comes to doing this, there are a few options; Microshading is one of the many. Microshading is excellent for anyone with sensitive skin looking for a powder, fresh makeup look on the daily. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an ideal eyebrow drawing technique down or you’re looking for a better way to get one; Microshading will take all of the stress away, leaving you with perfect, drawn-on eyebrows every morning. 

Although it is a rather expensive procedure, anyone who draws their eyebrows daily knows it’s worth it. Being an easy procedure and even easier healing process, there’s no question that this could be the answer for anyone with oily or sensitive skin. Anyone with dry skin should take a different approach and look into Microblading. The first step is to chat with your eyebrow technician and find out what’s best for you. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. Therefore, consider all of this information, reach out to an eyebrow technician in your area, and set yourself up for some truly beautiful brows.  

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