The 7 Most Common Lip Shapes

Lips have been a massive topic of conversation within the last ten years. It seems like every week there is a new “hack” to get larger-than-life lips. Many celebrities have led the conversation as they consistently get lip filler or lip augmentation for bigger and fuller lips. Women everywhere want to know how to get the perfect pout. But lip shapes are just as unique as your fingerprint. No pair of lips is the same. They can also look different based on the rest of your features. However, most lip shapes will share some common characteristics. So whether you want to get lip filler or learn to enhance your lips naturally, you need to assess the type of lip shape you have. lip sets

How to Identify Your Lip Shape

Lip shapes can be challenging to define. You may feel like your lip shape is a mixture of a few characteristics. Once you have identified your lip shape, you can begin to find ways to best enhance your lips. 

To identify your lip shape, begin by looking into the mirror. Next, identify key parts of your lips, such as the length, thickness, and if your cupid’s bow is pronounced. These key factors will help you to determine the shape of your lip. If you are having a hard time, use a dark liner to trace pronounced areas of your lip shape, which can help you better define what lip shape you have. 

To better help you identify what shape your lips are, let’s go over the 7 most common lip shapes.

1. Heart-Shaped Lips 

Heart-shaped lips look exactly as they sound; heart-shaped. Your upper lip will dip in the center at the cupid’s bow, and your lower lip will be full and slightly curved. While these lips are full, they won’t necessarily be very prominent. Stars such as Taylor Swift are known for their heart-shaped pout. This familiar lip shape can be easily enhanced for a more pronounced look. It is also one of the most desirable lip shapes there is.

2. Round Lips

A circular shape defines this lip shape. Jamie Schneider, beauty and wellness editor for the lifestyle blog Mind Body Green, explains, “If your top and bottom lips are the same widths all the way around, you likely have round lips. These often have a natural pouty-ness to them, with a very soft cupid’s bow.” Ariana Grande is one celebrity with round lips. Round lips are typically fuller but don’t have a ton of definition. 

3. Wide Lips 

If you have a wide lip shape, you may have heard the phrase “smiling from ear to ear” a time or two. Wide lips will stretch across most of your face and stand out as a very dominant facial feature. Check out stars such as Anne Hathaway for an example of a wide lip shape. Wide lips aren’t necessarily full. One lip (either the top or bottom) might be fuller than the other lip. Many people with wide lips opt for lip injections to get fuller lips. 

4. Turned Lips

Many lips are slightly turned at the corners. This lip shape may be upturned or downturned. They are also often called pointy lips. If you have this lip shape, it is also likely that either your top lip or your bottom lip is bigger than the other. Downward-turned lips can cause you to have an unhappy or “RBF” face. Many with this lip shape are looking to use lip augmentation or lip filler to solve this type of lip anatomy. This procedure has gained popularity in places such as Korea and is called lip edge filler. Lip edge filler is a hot new procedure in which you can get a semi-permanent smile. The filler is put only into the edge of your lips to create an upturned look which can help eliminate an “RBF” and give a sultry smile without effort. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, and Scarlett Johansson are known for this lip shape.

5. Bow-Shaped Lips 

The bow lip shape occurs when lips have a definite and well-defined cupid’s bow. Your upper lip is likely large, as opposed to the heart-shaped lip. Mega-star Rhianna is known for having bow-shaped lips. This gorgeous lip shape is highly desirable. The bow shape is easily defined, creating a flawless pout with minimal enhancement. bow shape lips

6. Thin Lips 

If you have thin lips, you probably already know it. Thin lips occur when both your upper and lower lips are small and narrow. While thin lips may occur due to genetics, they can also occur from dehydration, sun exposure, aging, and smoking. These causes can also increase over time. If you already have thin lips, staying well hydrated is essential to maintaining or increasing your lip size. However, many love their thin lips and have no desire for the over-the-top pucker many desire. Celebrities such as Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Blake Lively, Jennifer Anniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow are perfect examples of gorgeous women with thin lip shapes. While full lips are desirable, you can also be beautiful with thin lips. 

7. Full Lips 

Full lip shapes may be the most desirable for women and men. Men often say that full lips are the most appealing, and women constantly search for products to reach the full lip shape. Stars such as Angelina Jolie and Priyanka Chopra are known for their full lips. Full lips have a large volume on both the top and bottom. This lip shape is very noticeable and won’t need much enhancement. If you have full lips naturally, consider yourself lucky. Adding a tiny bit of lip balm or gloss is all you need for a great lip look. 

Ways To Enhance Your Lip Shape Naturally

Once you have identified your lip shape, you can consider some options to help enhance your lips. If you are uninterested in lip filler, you aren’t alone. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of E!’s reality show Botched may feel uneasy when getting cosmetic procedures or surgery. Besides the high cost of $550 to $2,200 per procedure every five to six months, the results aren’t always ideal. Soreness, redness, bruising, and swelling around the injection site are common temporary side effects, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Some other risks include discoloration, infection, tissue death, and asymmetry. The risks may not always outweigh the results. Deciding to get lip injections, filler, or lip augmentation isn’t a decision for everyone. Luckily, there are some ways to enhance your lip shape naturally. 


One of the best things you can do for your lips is to exfoliate them. Exfoliating your lips will help to remove dead skin and create the perfect pout. If you attempt to enhance your lips but have dry, clumpy, or cracked lip skin, the results will be lackluster. You can use items you already have at home to exfoliate. Some ingredients include brown sugar, honey, aspirin, and sea salt. Mixing ingredients such as brown sugar and honey will create a paste-like substance. Rub the paste over your lips and rub them together. Rinse thoroughly to achieve the smoothest lips. You can also use products such as fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator. The fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator is a great way to get soft lips and get rid of any uneven texture your lips may have. It is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars and is available at Sephora for $18. 

Lip Liner

A lip liner is probably the easiest and best way to enhance your lip shape naturally. You can use lip liner to overline your lips and create a more symmetrical pout. For example, to overline your cupid’s bow, create an x over the edges of your lip with your liner. Doing this will help accentuate your lips for a more defined lip shape. In addition, the color options of lip liners are endless. Hundreds of thousands of lip liner options have different finishes, shades, and hours of wear. You can find a color that matches your natural lips or choose something bolder. Many experts suggest using a lip liner that’s a bit darker than your lipstick or natural color. For example, a darker shade on your lower lip and cupid’s bow creates a shaded effect for fuller-looking lips. Utilizing lip liners is an easy trick to achieve the best lip shape naturally.  putting on lip liner


Using concealer is another excellent way to enhance your lip shape. Many times lips blend into the rest of your skin and face. So learning to define your lips is a perfect way to help them look bigger, naturally. For example, use a small brush to line the outer corners and lower lips with concealer to create a definition between your lips and the rest of your face. You can also use this trick to perfect any mishaps. L’Oreal explains, “Follow the process of applying a lighter shade to your cupid’s bow and outer thirds, as well as a darker shade to the outer corners and middle of the bottom lip… use your pinky to carefully blend the edges so as not to mess up your lipstick, but still blur where your concealer meets your foundation.” This trick is a great way to give you the lip shape you have always wanted. 

Lip Gloss

Using lip gloss is another great way to accentuate your lip shape. Seventeen magazine explains, “Grab your favorite clear lip gloss or pick a shade that matches your lipstick color, then apply a dab of the gloss onto the middle of both of your lips. The shimmery product picks up light, making your pout look fuller.” Lip gloss isn’t the sticky mess your junior high self remembers. It has come a long way in the last several years. Try a gloss such as Tarte’s maracuja juicy lip balm to instantly plump and smooth lips. It is said to lock in moisture and leave a sticky-free shine. It is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars and is available on their website for $21. 

Layer It Up

Another trick for an enhanced lip shape is to layer your product. But, before you begin this process, be sure your lips are silky smooth. The layering technique works great if the product doesn’t clump on your lips. Start with a great concealer to mattify and neutralize your lips. Then apply a white liner. The white will help to make your lips and lipstick color bold and vibrant. After applying the white shade, begin using the lip liner of your choice. Pay special attention to your cupid’s bow and lower lip. Then apply your lipstick. Finish with a gloss for the perfect full-looking lip shape. 

Use Two Colors

Have you ever wondered why “ombre” is so popular? Though the ombre look is a well known hair coloring technique, it also works for your lips! It is an excellent tool for adding dimension and fullness, even when there isn’t much to work with. The beauty blog Beautyholic states, “Use a darker shade on the outside corner and a warmer shade on the center part of the lips. Blend the colors for an ombre effect that gives the illusion of a fuller pout.” Using a darker shade gives your lips a beautiful shadow-like effect. The lighter shade will help your lips look fuller.


Highlighter isn’t just a great tool for your cheekbones. It is also an excellent tool to utilize for your lip enhancement. Applying a highlighter to your lips is a beauty hack many makeup artists use. Dab the highlighter right at your cupid’s bow to achieve the appearance of growth in the area. Your lips will automatically look fuller and more voluminous. The shimmery and glowy product works well to help define and enhance different lip shapes naturally. 

Gua Sha

Gua sha is one of the lesser-known beauty hacks in the makeup world. According to WebMD, gua sha is “a traditional Chinese healing method in which a trained professional uses a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin. This process is believed to help blood flow and create a “lifting” effect on your skin.” Gua sha is commonly used on the neck and chest as well. Gu sha can also be done on the area around your lips to help them appear fuller. If you choose this method, stay away from the actual lips and focus on the area around your lips. Your lip skin is fragile and cannot handle the pressure of the technique. Gua sha is an old-school technique that can help to transform and enhance most lip shapes. 

DIY At Home

If lip injections aren’t in your budget or if you are scared of the possible outcome, you likely have a few ingredients at home that can help. Healthline suggests a cayenne pepper and olive oil lip mask. Mix the cayenne pepper with a tablespoon of olive oil and coat your lips. The two ingredients will work together to moisturize, smooth, and plump your lips. The olive oil will moisturize your chapped lips, and the cayenne pepper will give your lips a bit of volume. You could also use cinnamon for a similar effect. While these ingredients won’t work the same as lip injections or plastic surgery, it’s an inexpensive way to add a bit of volume to most lip shapes.

Lip Shape Summary

Your lip shape can affect your whole look. Many celebrities are known for their fantastic lip shapes. Stars like Kylie Jenner have dominated the conversation about lip shapes and encourage the phenomenon of lip filler. She is known for lips that follow the “bigger the better” mentality. The culture surrounding lip injections has become more mainstream and accepting in recent years thanks to endorsements by influencers and celebrities, significantly increasing the popularity of this procedure. If you choose to enhance your lip shape surgically, use a reputable expert. Surgery on our lips can easily damage them. Keep in mind lips can even experience tissue death. Not all women are ready to take on the risks of lip filler or lip augmentation. These procedures are not only expensive, but can cause potential lifelong damage to lips.

There are many ways to enhance lip shapes naturally. Whether you have round lips, bow-shaped lips, thin lips, etc., there are various ways to get the perfect pout. Using everyday makeup products such as concealer, lip liner, and lip gloss can help you get almost any lip shape you desire. 

Each person has unique lip anatomy and most lip-enhancing techniques will work on any lip shape. The topic of lips isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Lips are an essential feature of your face. The more you learn about your individual qualities and the different lip shapes, the better you will be able to learn tricks to get the lip look you want. Makeup is a great tool to help you enhance and define your natural beauty. If you wish to keep your look clean and simple or create a dramatically different appearance, makeup can help.

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