They’ll Do Double Takes: Laura Geller Foundation Review

Laura Geller is a beauty brand that captures the attention of devoted users and new fans alike. One of the line's most popular items is the foundation; the brand offers several formulas.

Foundation is the main component of any beauty buff's collection and is necessary for a finished makeup look. For this reason, it must be dependable and work well. Do Laura Geller's foundations pass the test for coverage, skin tone matching, and overall product effectiveness? The following article will answer these questions in a full review of the Laura Geller foundation.

But first: Who is Laura Geller?

A History of Laura Geller Beauty

Laura Geller began her career in the world of theater on Broadway. Her job as a theatrical makeup artist gave her the experience of enhancing women and men of all ages and backgrounds.

From there, she launched her beauty brand on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Geller's big personality and easy-to-translate natural looks made her studio a go-to for many beauty enthusiasts. This likability factor contributed to her eponymous brand launch on the QVC shopping channel in 1997. Almost instantly, her product "Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer" became a household staple for customers.   Laura Geller Full Coverage Foundation with brush

Pioneer of Baked Makeup for Mass Market

Geller's spackle was a product that ushered in the "baked makeup" concept to the mass market. Italian-manufactured baked cosmetics were as luxurious as they were healthy for the skin. Geller's relationship with QVC enabled millions to see the benefits of wearing baked makeup, bringing the studio experience to their living rooms. When these products debuted in 1997, baked makeup was rarely seen in the US. The artisan-crafted cosmetic line with baked blushes, eyeshadows, and foundation won the hearts and imagination of viewers, helping Laura Geller Beauty become the well-known brand it is in 2022. 

What Is Baked Makeup? 

Baked makeup is different from the term "baking" or cooking makeup. Baked cosmetics are made when liquid is poured over terracotta tiling (often in Italy) and baked until it dries. The colors are often more vibrant with swirled pigment or marbled hues. There are fewer synthetic chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. The texture is usually buttery and not hard or "dried out" like traditional powders. The color payoff of baked cosmetics is also better due to fewer ingredients like talc or mica, which can leave a cast, dull or "cakey" look to the skin.

Laura Geller Beauty Turns 25

The year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Laura Geller Beauty. After a quarter of a century, it remains one of the most popular beauty brands. Laura Geller can be found in stores like Macy's and Walmart as well as on websites like,, and

photo of opened foundation balance brighten tan

Laura Geller Double Take Baked Full Coverage Foundation 

Laura Geller Double Take Baked Full Coverage Foundation is a portable compact. As the website states: "Our long-wearing baked powder foundation delivers around-the-clock full coverage and a breathable, classic matte finish." This formula is a baked foundation made in Italy from the terracotta tile baking process. It offers a dual finish for either wet or dry use. It comes with a foundation sponge in two colors: pink and white. The pink side is the dry application side, and the white side is for wet applications. 

How is the coverage? 

Double Take claims to be a full coverage foundation, meaning it is thicker in consistency and has buildable coverage to mask imperfections. You could also apply it using a kabuki brush (an optional purchase on the website or as a bundle on The finish will be slightly less intense if the foundation is applied dry. If water is added, the coverage is more opaque and thicker. Those who have used this product seem to appreciate the dual formula's adjustable coverage. 

Does It Match Many Shades and Complexions? 

Double Take foundation has a limited shade range which may not suit many skin tones. There are eight shades available that only work if you are on the light or deep end of light, medium, tan, or deep/dark.

For those with harder-to-match undertones, this item may not shade match well. If you are in doubt, order it and try it at home. Laura Geller Beauty accepts product returns if it is not what you expected. 

Is It Effective? 

Yes, the Double Take foundation is effective. It has a buttery soft feeling that works well for all skin types — including mature or aging skin. Skin that may suffer from dryness, wrinkles, and signs of aging will benefit from the soft yet full-coverage formula that glides over lines without settling into creases. The foundation will give your skin a healthy look with an even tone and flawless finish. 

Plus the formula is very travel-friendly. It has a case that securely snaps and fits in any makeup bag or clutch. 


  • Great for mature skin

  • Baked consistency for the dual finish

  • Does not settle into lines and wrinkles


  • Limited ability to match a variety of skin tones, especially in the deeper or darker ranges

  • May potentially clog pores if you are extremely oily due to the creamier nature of the product

photo of opened foundation balance brighten tan

Laura Geller Baked Balance-N- Brighten Color Correcting Foundation

This foundation is the answer for those who may not find a match in the Double Take Full Coverage foundation discussed above. Laura Geller's Baked Balance-n- Brighten Color Correcting Foundation has sold over four million units. One of the reasons for the popularity of this foundation is that it contains a self-adjusting formula with hydrating antioxidants.

If you are looking for a light to medium-coverage product, Balance-n-Brighten is a good option. Like the Double Take, the formula is baked in Italy in an easy-to-carry compact. Looking at the shade in the compact, you notice a swirl of several colors. That is where the multi-dimensional, "second skin" coverage begins. The creamy texture helps it glide over imperfections, such as dry patches, lines, and wrinkles.

How is the Coverage?

Coverage for Balance-n-Brighten is more of a light to medium. It will not hide your natural skin tone but enhance it. The site calls it a demi-matte finish. It is not completely matte (opaque) nor as heavy as full coverage selections. The weightless consistency should feel as if nothing is on your face except a very sheer layer of foundation. This is helpful during the summer months or if you prefer a very natural, "no makeup" makeup, look.

Does It Match A Variety of Complexions?

Balance-n-Brighten has the same shade range as the previous formula — eight shades. This is not an extremely wide shade selection. However, this product also has a color-adjusting formula. The multicolored flecks of colors blend during application to create a multidimensional tone. Instead of flat colors, hues combine to pick up highlights and lowlights. This is a flattering option that creates enlivened tints.

Is It Effective?

Balance-n-Brighten is a unique product. The baked consistency allows for multiple shades and tones to be added to the mixture and turned into a velvety creamy solid. It is not a powder but is as portable as one. It can be applied either wet or dry, which offers options for wear and buildable coverage. It is mature skin and sensitive skin friendly.


  • Light to medium demi-matte coverage is a great option for summer or a sheer, natural look

  • Shade adjusting technology with a multi-hued baked foundation formula

  • Mature skin and sensitive skin-friendly formula will not clog pores or sink into lines or wrinkles


  • Limited shade range may affect color matching for a variety of undertones

Double Take Liquid Foundation all shades

Laura Geller Double Take Liquid Foundation

Laura Geller Double Take Liquid Foundation is among the newer additions to the lineup. This is the medium to full coverage liquid version of the Baked Double Take Foundation compact. The shade range is the same as the other formulas and has the same shade names. This way, the customer recognizes their shade regardless of makeup type. Those who crave a liquid foundation or prefer the ease of application will appreciate Double Take Liquid.

Double Take Liquid Foundation is on equal footing with many of the higher-end department store or luxury brand offerings on the market (e.g., MAC Studio Fix, Estee Lauder Double Wear).

How Is The Coverage?

Coverage for the Double Take Liquid Foundation ranges from buildable medium to full coverage, which indicates a matte quality. Your skin will not appear glowy or dewy, but more finished. This is ideal for oily skin or for those who wish to use the product to conceal and create another layer or canvas.

Matte formulas like Double Take Liquid Foundation are great for dark spots and hyperpigmentation, covering fine lines and wrinkles and creating a full-face glamorous makeup look.

Will It Match My Complexion?

Double Take has a limited shade range of eight colors. In particular, those with a deeper-hued or richer skin tone may find it difficult to shade-match this foundation.

Is It Effective?

Yes, Double Take Liquid Foundation is an effective foundation. It offers a matte, opaque finish. It is great for hiding those small skin concerns like dark spots, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. It is not too drying and won't settle into dry or wrinkled skin. It offers an option for people who use liquid makeup regularly.



  • Shade selections are limited in range and some may experience issues with color matching

Laura Geller Better Than Bare Tinted Moisturizer with sunglasses on towel

Laura Geller Better Than Bare Tinted Moisturizer

Is Laura Geller's Better Than Bare Tinted Moisturizer really next to nothing on the skin? This tinted moisturizer is small in size but packed with so many beneficial ingredients, including SPF 50. Your summer getaway bag needs this product.

But, it isn't only for those sunny days. SPF protects the skin from those dangerous UV rays that are present even when the skies are overcast. Better Than Bare is an ideal pairing with your regular skincare routine because it adds moisture and a wash of healthy color to the complexion.

How Is the Coverage?

Expect coverage in any tinted moisturizer to be slightly sheer or light. Those who wish to let their skin breathe but need a touch of makeup will enjoy using this product. The website describes the texture as satiny. Below, you will find a description of this makeup term.

What is a Satin Finish?

Satin foundation finishes are in the middle of a matte and dewy look. Satins are not one-dimensional as matte and not as moist-looking as dewy. Satin is that happy medium of foundation that will imbue skin with a healthy natural glow.

Will It Match My Skin Tone?

Five shades are currently part of this product range: fair, beige, medium, sand, and deep. The undertones may not work with every skin tone. It is a trial and error process if one size fits most.

Is It Effective?

Better Than Bare is a versatile cosmetic item. It can substitute for a moisturizer in a pinch. It has enough color to provide a decent sheer finish. It is lightweight and ideal for warmer climates. The inclusion of SPF 50 makes Better Than Bare necessary to combat sun exposure. It wears many hats and is at the same price point as similar, high-end tinted moisturizers on the market.


  • SPF 50 adds a layer of protection in addition to the sheer color payoff

  • The moisturizing formula is a multi-tasking cosmetics product

  • Satin formula is lightweight yet has enough pigment for a "no-makeup" enhanced skin tone coverage


  • Limited shade selection

pink laura geller blush with brush

Bottom Line

Laura Geller Beauty foundations exhibit high-end quality and are comparable to most lines found in major retailers. There are enough varieties in this line for most to find the right formula. Except for a somewhat limited shade selection, Laura Geller Beauty foundations are a good start for the perfect canvas for makeup application.

After 25 years, Laura Geller continues to make effective and reliable cosmetics that help millions feel confident and happy while getting ready for their day.

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