The Affordable and Quality Lip Primers You Need in Your Makeup Bag Now

When you look in your makeup bag you probably have your foundation primer, foundation, your eyeliners, and your lipstick, but do you have your lipstick primer? Have you ever heard of a lipstick primer? If you don’t already have this essential makeup product in your handy makeup bag, by the time you finish reading this you’ll want it in there. As it stands, your lips draw a lot of attention whether you notice it or not. Typically, your eyes and your lips are the first things people notice when they meet you for the first time. Do you want your lips looking neglected and chapped, peeling, or flaking when you’re making a first impression? Most people will agree that that’s a resounding “NO!”. So, what can you do to make your lips and skin look vivacious and so fresh? You can add a nurturing and moisturizing lip primer to your beauty routine.

What is a Lip Primer?

There are a lot of different lip primers that each have their own function for your personal beauty needs. Essentially, a lip primer is used like a primer for your foundation, just for your lips. The primer is made to make your lipstick stay all day without feathering, cracking, or smudging. You apply the primer just as you’d apply lipstick or go above and beyond to prime the skin around your mouth to conceal blemishes as a professional makeup artist does. Then you can fill in the fine lines to achieve a youthful and glowing appearance. Lip primer is the first thing you apply when you start your makeup each morning, even before your foundation primer.

Is Lip Primer Necessary?

If you’re skeptical about adding one more thing to your beauty routine and thinking that a good lip primer may not be totally necessary, you’d be right. However, the benefits of applying a primer to the lip area are too great to be ignored. For instance, if you’re having a hard time with the signs of aging like fine lines, bleeding of your lipstick, and discoloration of a lip or both lips, you would greatly benefit from using a lip primer in your beauty routine. If you struggle with chapped lips or are dry and flaky and you’re prone to cuts on your lips, you want to use a lip primer daily. So, while it’s not all that necessary to include a lip primer into a makeup routine, the amazing things a primer offers are too many and great to pass up.

For Most, It’s a YES!

Let’s face it, there are a total of maybe a quarter of all people in America who have alabaster skin and gorgeous lips without trying. The rest of us have ELF and Anastasia Beverly Hills lip and skin cosmetics to revert to our days when our skin wasn’t uneven, and our lips didn’t dry out on us midday. Besides, if you had a beauty product that can correct dry lips and fine lines plus give your lips and skin around them the moisture and vitamins to nurse them to a healthy and nurtured state, why wouldn’t you? Based on the benefits of a lip primer, it’s safe to say it can be totally necessary to have one.

woman looking in a mirror and applying a lip primers

Lip Primers That Do Stuff

Most of the lip primers will come in a lipstick design or a lip pencil, and if you’re in a rut, you can even employ Vaseline or lip balm to do the trick. In fact, the Burt’s bees’ lip balm is a good option for a primer as the grit your lips need to keep your lipstick on all day, and the wax gives moisture and a slick lip adding to your lip gloss or lipstick’s sheen. All the lip primers we’re sharing with you today have something special to offer you as you wear it. Now, that can be a voluminous pout the primer gives you, or a boost of extra vitamins or shea butter and hyaluronic acid to strengthen your natural skin barrier of the lip area. Whatever the special ingredients each lip primer has, you’ll know how to pick the best lip primer based on what you already know that your lips or lip area needs.

How The Lip Primer Works

To start, you need a clean face, and you should use a lip scrub like a gentle sugar scrub before applying a lip treatment or lip primer. With a freshly scrubbed or treated lip area, you use the lip primer as you would a lipstick, and if you’re prone to feathering, you’ll go above the lip line with the primer to conceal any fine lines and less than plump skin. As soon as you’ve applied the primer to the lip and upper lip area as desired, you can then begin with your foundation primer, foundation, and so on. We promise that it doesn’t take a professional makeup artist to apply it! Once you’ve come to the lip stage in your beauty routine, just apply your lip gloss, lipstick, lip stain, or whichever lip product of your liking as you would normally.

Part-Time Makeup, Full-Time Primer

But what’s super neat is that the translucent lip primer can be worn without any special lip color, offering you a beautiful, exotic, healthy look. Even if you’re going au naturel some days, skipping the makeup routine altogether, the lip primer can be your little secret by wearing only the primer or lip balm on your skin to accentuate your natural beauty. Hey, if you’ve got beautiful skin, flaunt it with a barely-there lip primer!

Affordable Lip Primers, You Heard it Here First!

After all the information we’ve already shared with you, you should be able to better choose the primer that’ll work wonders for your lips and lip area. You want a lip primer that will offer a bit of grit, but not too much to make the lipstick or lip gloss stick. You also want a lip primer that’s balanced that brings grit and moisture, even when you’re buying a matte lip primer for a matte lipstick. It’s even more vital that a matte lipstick primer will give you more moisture than a primer for a gloss look. So, when you evaluate these super affordable AND quality lip primers, remember your lip care goals and what’s going to revamp your lips into an irresistible pout.

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Maybelline New York’s Prime-It-Up! Lip Primer

Maybe she’s born with it, but who can really tell either way with this awesome Prime-It-Up lip primer, that can do more than just lip service. We all know that famous jingle, but Maybelline has been stepping up its game with all its newest beauty products. It’s making a huge difference in millions of people’s daily lives by showering people with confidence from amazing beauty products! The Maybelline line of beauty products is high quality, animal friendly, and vegan! Hence, they’re among the top of the top makeup brands, and for good reason! Now, with the lip primer, which is affordable and high-quality, let’s see what it’s made of.

What It Does

This lip primer from one of the bests will last longer than your last fling with its super-staying power, the perfect amount of grit, and its moisture-giving formula, no need to re-apply. From a liquid to a matte finish, your matte lipstick will never feather, crease, or budge with the easy “prime it and forget it” wearability. You can easily start with the lip scrub from yours truly and finish off with the liquid lipstick, the 24-hour wear lip stain, or anyone of their high-moisture lip balms for the longest wear. To remove the primer, use a micellar cleanser or a makeup remover wipe.

Who It Works Best For

The gentle and nurturing properties of the primer make it safe to use on all skin types. The matte finish is perfect for a matte lipstick followed up with a lip balm, although a gloss finish can be achieved just as well. With the infusion of moisture into your lips, this primer will prove a favorite for mature skin, sensitive skin, and dry lips and skin.

Cool Points

The Maybelline New York Prime-It-Up lip primer gets cool points for the incredible $5 price and its high-quality ingredients. Maybelline also gets cool points for not testing on animals and its vegan ingredients.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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NYX Professional Makeup’s Lip Primer in Nude

The Los Angeles-based makeup giant believes in community and sharing the love of high-quality, most advanced makeup with all! It doesn’t matter who you are or how well you know your stuff, the NYX website is full of helpful advice and online mentors to teach the rules of makeup (which, there aren’t rules per se, more guidelines) and computerized ways to try before you buy. NYX is a highly acclaimed partner with the ASPCA for the rights of animals. Hence, beauty products are never tested on animals, and NYX has a special vegan makeup line. Now, let’s get to the lip primer lip pencil in nude to see what it does for a lip or two.

What It Does

The maximum control of lining and filling your lip gives this lip pencil 5-stars! The texture and moisture combo makes priming your lips a breeze and the nude color enhances your lip color to the max. NYX’s ingenuous nude color is like a primed canvas that’s ready for the most vivid and natural colors your lips want to hold onto. Is your lip color outside of the lines? Forget about it! The smooth application of the primer won’t even allow it! So, there’s no feathering or smudging with this superhero of a lip primer, ever!

Who It Works Best For

With anti-feather ingredients, this is a great lip primer for anyone with mature skin or dry lips. The anti-smudging properties make this lip pencil perfect for the beginner and, for the skin-conscious company, the makeup is safe for sensitive skin.

Cool Points

NYX is known for the cruelty-free approach to testing, or not testing, on animals, so that’s cool in our book. We love the price, coming in at under $7, you can’t go wrong with trying it out. We like the matte finish and that it’s safe for all skin and skin types to use. And you can’t deny that we’re all beginners at some point, so it’s great to have a beginner-friendly lip primer at your disposal.

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Jolie, Impeccable Me’s Lip & Eye Primer Base

At Jolie, Impeccable Me’s cosmetics, you’ll find a very refined selection of makeup, easy-to-use makeup brushes, and skin-loving care products like face masks and eye makeup removers. The principle that Jolie is built upon is that simplicity is what we all need in a makeup product. So, the makeup artist who curated the line of products made it to be as simple as possible, using the most basic and bare forms of ingredients. Just about everyone can use some simplicity in life, so let’s see what the eye and lip primer base can do for a simple makeup routine.

What It Does

This eye and lip primer duo is a must-have for any makeup bag! The professional makeup artist uses lip primer to extend the life of lipstick and keep it from smudging and feathering, and now you can have a professional’s secret weapon too, with the neutralizing lip primer! The primer is made in a neutral shade to use as a base to make your preferred lip color really stand out. When you apply the primer, you’ll automatically see that your lips look fuller, plumper, and more sensual with the help of Jolie’s exclusive peptide plumping complex. To protect your sensuous, soft pout, Jolie, Impeccable Me infuses this primer with rich super-antioxidants derived from vitamin E and C. An SPF 15 is further protection to shield your lips from environmental stress, sun damage, and dehydration. The addition of beeswax aids as a natural and soothing complex that contains the right amount of grit to hold on to your lipstick color all day long. The primer is a great neutralizing tone to use for your eye makeup as well. Jolie’s lip primer is a great waterproof primer, making it a perfect base for ensuring your eye makeup doesn’t smudge or buckle under the natural tears we produce daily. Your makeup is safe from that mid-day bathroom cry!

Who It Works Best For

The beeswax complex makes it the best lip primer for people with sensitive skin, mature skin, and dry lips and skin. The skin tones don’t affect the way the primer works, it is best to have the light tone to make your lips and eyes pop giving you a show-stopping look. So, if you like to wear more rich lip color tones and eye-popping, attention-stealing eyeshadows, this is the primer you’ve been looking for forever! If you want to wear makeup made by a real pro and feel protected from free radicals and environmental aggressors, you’ll love this waterproof, neutralizing lip and eye primer base!

Cool Points

The fact that a real veteran of the makeup industry paused her artistry to fill in the gaps of what, in the cosmetics world, was missing, and addressed it with simple ingredients and affordable prices, is way cool! It doesn’t get any better than waterproof and smudge, feathering, and cracking proof when it comes to a lip primer base. The fact that you can use this primer on your eyes and that it’s great for all skin tones, including dry skin and dry lips to plump and soften them, is what we all want in a primer, to begin with, isn’t it?

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Golden Rose Prime & Prep Lip Primer

This Turkish-based brand of colored cosmetics is a leading cosmetics industry company with all you need for a complete and robust beauty routine. Golden Rose is certified cruelty-free since its establishment in 1983. “Color cosmetics” are driving the marketing strategies in other countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, and Indonesia to bring up the economic state of their respective countries. The color cosmetics bring you things like sunscreen or “anti-tan” products, anti-aging, and so much more. Women everywhere are basking in the sun with the best products from across the pond like the Golden Rose lip primer.

What It Does

One of many beauty products from Golden Rose is the awesome Prime & Prep lip primer. The primer goes before the lipstick to nourish and protect your lips with vitamin E as a conditioner to ensure smooth kisses and no smudging. The primer goes on like a lip balm and can be used as just that if you want to go bare most days. The primer is a clear or translucent application and doesn’t change the color of your lip gloss or lip stain. Even with the stickier lipsticks or matte lip color, you’ll get the full effect of the lip primer and will want to rub your lips together to feel the deep conditioning of the vitamin E all day long.

Who It Works Best For

The driest of dry lips and mature skin will greatly appreciate the deep, rich conditioning of this lip primer. Everyone can safely use this lip primer and get long-lasting lip color wear every day.

Cool Points

The Golden Rose doesn’t test or harm animals in any way in their process of creating and refining their products. Golden Rose aims to create makeup products that enhance the natural beauty of a person without breaking the bank, so the products are the least expensive possible for the greater good of the consumer.

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E.L.F. Cosmetics Prime & Plump in a Gloss

E.L.F. is possibly the biggest name in the “cheap” makeup market today. The California-grown company has made its place in the cosmetics world in just a few short years and will be 20 years old in 2024. It is so easy for anybody to have a full makeup bag of just E.L.F. products because they truly believe in creating high-quality makeup that people can actually afford. What’s more is that they never harm or use any animals in the production of their beauty products and steer clear of sulfates, parabens, and are 100% vegan. So, let’s see what E.L.F. has in store for your bare lip in a primer.

What It Does

The Prime and Plump lip primer is a delectable plumper for your lips, by using cinnamon, and primes your lips with their exclusive skin-loving ingredients. This unstoppable duo comes in a neutral shade to build-up the lip color to create gorgeous, colorful lips. You apply the primer first like you do a lip balm and use a lip brush to even it out. Then, flip the tube over after applying your favorite lip color to use the lip filler to get fuller and more voluminous lips. The cinnamon that E.L.F. employs will give you a slight tingly sensation at the beginning, but it’s normal and will dissipate over a few moments.

Who It Works Best For

The product is most suitable for those with normal skin tones and not necessarily for people with sensitive skin. People with thin lips and people wanting more moisture with their lip color should get this product. People with more mature skin can reap the many benefits of this lip primer/gloss duo, as long you don’t have sensitive skin.

Cool Points

The fact that E.L.F. cosmetics doesn’t use animals to test its products and makes genius makeup without the use of sulfates or parabens is a BIG bonus! The affordability of all the products at E.L.F. is a wonderful incentive to up your makeup game and try new products. And you can rely on the customer satisfaction guarantees that E.L.F. cosmetics stands behind.

Here’s to Looking Your Best

Whatever you do to your makeup, just be sure it makes you feel like an empowered and ultra-confident version of your gorgeous self. You have this one in the bag, so make sure your lips are just as flawless and bold as you are!

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