Green Eyeshadow Looks To Try

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You can quickly turn on the charm by enhancing your eyes with green eyeshadow. This color can be a bit intimidating to work with, but the final look is quite captivating, so it's worth it. Yes, it’s quite bold but you must keep in mind that green is the undertone of most skin colors. Thus, anyone can pull off a few green eyeshadow looks. It’s a flattering choice for brown eyes, the most common of all, but is also quite dramatic on green and blue eyes.

As with everything, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure flawless makeup. As we said above, green eyeshadow looks particularly rich and looks good on light, medium, and dark skin. The contrast won't only make your eyes pop, but the tone will stand out against any complexion.

A green eyeshadow look is quite easy if you follow these universal tips makeup artists use:

Green Eyeshadow Looks to Try: The Basics

Two of the biggest mistakes people make when using a green eyeshadow are applying too much of it and not blending it enough. But, don't worry, you'll get it right with these steps.

Apply Concealer and Primer

You need to prep the area with concealer and primer before you lay down your eyeshadow. It’ll provide a smooth, blank canvas to work with and makes the eyeshadow easier to blend.

Add a Neutral Layer to Your Eyelids and Above-Eye Area

Select a neutral eyeshadow that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone to create a bright surface. This layer helps brighten any green eyeshadow you apply over it. Be sure to blend it well with a soft makeup brush.

Create an Eyelid Contour

Select a slightly darker neutral skin tone of eyeshadow than the one you used to prime and sweep it over the crease of your eyelids. Use a back-and-forth motion to define your lid.

Darken the Eye Contour

Go back over the crease of your eyes with a medium-brown eyeshadow and blend it with a brush.

Then, darken your eyelids with dark brown eyeshadow, brushing the color onto the inner and outer corners of your upper eyelids and blending towards the center of your eyes. Blend the dark into the lighter crease color.

Apply Your Green Eyeshadow

Ok, so, you should have a neutral base established at this point. It’s now time to apply your green eyeshadow to the center of each one of your eyelids. Blend it outward to the inner and outer corners of your lids, and upwards from your lid into your crease.

Diffuse the green pigment on your lid with a clean makeup brush by blending it upwards. It should gradually merge with the brown tones of your crease and you shouldn’t be able to distinguish the two pigments where they come together.

Now, apply green pigment to your lash lines and water lines and cover your bottom lash line with green pigment with the help of an angled brush and some green eyeshadow or green eyeliner. Then, apply shadow to your waterlines, being careful not to smudge it downwards, into your under-eye area.

Darken the Crease and Lash Line

Apply pigment to the outer corner of your eyelids with a soft black eyeshadow and blend it into the crease of your eyes to create a dark contour. You could use a brown eyeshadow for this step if you prefer a more subtle look. Smudge and darken your bottom lash line with the same color.

Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

Ok, so now that you have your green eyeshadow on, apply black eyeliner and mascara over your eyeshadow to complete the look. You’re done! This smoky technique is a great way to apply green eyeshadow in a polished, flattering way and you can use lighter colors for an opposite-to-smoky effect that’s perfect for the daytime.

Closeup of a woman's brown eye with green eyeshadow and brown eyeliner

Makeup Tutorial for Applying Green Eyeshadow to Brown Eyes

The exact color of your eyes will determine the best green eyeshadow looks for your brown eyes. For instance, choose a cooler green to help bring out the orange undertones in darker brown. Opt for warmer greens if your eyes are light brown or hazel.

The First Layer

Apply a creamy, dark green metallic eyeshadow to your upper lash line. You want to build a sort of wing at the outer edges of your eyes. These kinds of greens help brighten brown eyes. The application of this first line of eyeshadow doesn’t have to be perfect, as you’re going to blend it later.

Blending the First Layer

Blend out the eyeshadow with a brush following the same shape you laid down in the previous step. You want a blurry cat-eye look, so use the blending brush to extend the eyeshadow to the outer corner, fading it upwards. You want a seamless appearance between the color and your skin for great green eyeshadow looks.

Blend Your Eyeshadow Into the Lower Lash Line

Extend the same pigment at the outer corner of your eyes downward and across your lash lines. You want to gradually blend it towards the inner corner of your eyes.

Apply a Brown Undertone

Select a medium or caramel brown eyeshadow and brush it into the crease of your eyes. You want to blend this stripe of color only along the crease, so don’t blend it up or down. Also, apply it as close to your lash lines as you can.

Apply a Second Green Eyeshadow

Now, for green eyeshadow looks, it's time to apply a second lighter, metallic green eyeshadow to your top lids. Blend it across each lid with the help of a brush or with the tip of your fingers. Also, apply it to your lower lash lines.

Complete the look with a subtle tone of nude lipstick and mascara to keep your face from looking overdone. This eyeshadow look is supposed to be bright and dramatic, not heavy or theatrical.

Makeup Tips for Blue-Green Eyes

Any makeup artist will tell you that pastel metallic greens such as pistachio and mint are best for you if you have blue eyes. These lighter tones will brighten them and bring out the color, for green eyeshadow looks.

The First Step for Blue-Green Eye Makeup

The first thing you want to do is add a medium brown undertone to your crease and slightly blend it with a brush up into the bottom part of your brow bone.

Adding Dark Brown Eyeshadow

Dab dark brown eyeshadow into the outer part of your upper eyelid with a small makeup brush. Apply to the outer third of the lids only, leaving the inner two-thirds bare.

Apply the Green Eyeshadow

Spray the end of your makeup brush with a setting spray and then use it to apply a light mint green metallic eyeshadow to the inner two-thirds of your eyelids. Blend the edges of the green eyeshadow into the brown eyeshadow with a blending brush. You want to tap along the edges to disperse the green into the brown and blend them into a single, seamless band of color. This will create excellent green eyeshadow looks.

Add Brown Eyeliner to Define Your Eye Color

A brown eyeliner on the upper and lower waterline will help your eyes pop and help their color contrast against the green eyeshadow looks. Complete the look with mascara or with lashes of your choice.

Green Eyeshadows to Accomplish Any Look

There are probably green eyeshadow looks that'll help you enhance your eyes, regardless of their color. Here’s a diverse list of products to choose from to attain the look you want.

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Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick in Evergreen Shimmer

This is a highly pigmented shimmery dark green eyeshadow stick. It’s also available in over 30 colors that range from matte to shimmer to metallic. As you can see, it’s easy to build your eyeshadow palette and attain any understated or bold look you may want to try.

The crème-to-powder waterproof eyeshadow stick glides effortlessly across lids before drying to a waterproof crease-proof powder finish. Its formulation contains vitamins C and E, so this eyeshadow doubles as makeup and moisturizer. The antioxidants can improve skin tone and texture and are suitable for any skin type, especially sensitive.

Furthermore, the candelilla wax base makes it quite easy to blend. You don’t need a brush, just glide it on your skin to apply it. You can then use the built-in smudger to effortlessly blend this waterproof powder to a finish that lasts all day—no raccoon eyes or creases. Still, it’s quite easy to remove; just follow your typical routine.

This product doesn’t contain animal ingredients and no animal testing was done, so it qualifies as vegan. It’s also sodium laurel sulfate and paraben-free. Win-win!

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Julep All-Day Long-Wear Eyeliner in Forest Green

This is a gel pencil eyeliner in forest green matte for all-day wear. The transfer-proof eyeliner pencil glides smoothly on your lash line or waterline and sets for a long-lasting finish that's ophthalmologist tested.

The formulation includes extra-finely milled pigments for an intense, saturated look. The base of this gel eyeliner is a special wax blend to ensure gentle gliding, so there’s no need to tug as it won’t skip. It’s great for both, top lashes and the inner waterline. You can gently smudge with your fingertips or a brush before the color sets for a smoky look.

You can select from over 20 matte and shimmer tones besides the green mentioned above. The selection includes bold black and classic neutrals.

Afflano Green Eyeshadow Matte and Glitter Palette

This is a highly pigmented pro makeup cream eye shadow palette containing 15 colors: 5 matte eyeshadow, including basic brown and bright yellow, 7 shimmer eyeshadows, and 3 glitters that include avocado and holographic greens. The palette is mostly cold-toned and contains matte basic brown and bright yellow and avocado and holographic green glitters. This range of pressed pigment green eyeshadow looks is great for party sparkly makeup.

This highly saturated eyeshadow palette is great for highlighting and creating contrast and highlights and delivers a long-lasting dramatic finish. The eyeshadow palette includes a large mirror and is travel-friendly. The soft, blendable nature and easy application make it popular with professional makeup artists, although it’s perfect for beginners.

The logic behind the combination of matte and shimmer is it makes your eyes more vivid by adding dimension. All you need to get a natural day look or dramatic night one is this palette. The ingredients of the product are safe to use on human skin and haven't been tested on animals.

L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Mono Eyeshadow in Green Promenade

The gel-to-powder technology of this color-rich eyeshadow gives it a soft velvety texture. The product is available in 20 colors and you can choose from shimmery and matte finishes.

It’s quite easy to apply. All you have to do is sweep the shadow across the eyelid with your fingertip. It’s comfortable to wear and will last about 6 hours, creating beautiful green eyeshadow looks.

Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow

This is a long-lasting, blendable eye makeup available in dark emerald green and you can select from matte or shimmer. It's easy to apply and blend with the applicator brush. The colors of this eyeshadow are simultaneously sophisticated and playful, rich and delicate, soft and striking and give you a natural look with a velvety touch. The formula has a soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging effect and provides flawless green eyeshadow looks.

De'Lanci Avocado Green Eyeshadow 15-Color Palette

This intense pigment eyeshadow contains eight tones of green, two pressed green glitter shadows, three base shadows, and a bright yellow one. The vibrant greens are suitable for weddings, parties, or casual makeup.

You can easily apply the pressed glitter evenly, and the finish is silky, creating smooth green eyeshadow looks. The palette includes a mirror and is compact and lightweight; thus, travel-friendly. You can easily mix or overlay your eyeshadow with brushes or your fingers. These powders will stay put all day.

Docolor Eyeshadow 9-Color Palette

This gemstone eyeshadow palette is quite versatile. It delivers infinite possibilities by encouraging you to experiment and express yourself as you please to create green eyeshadow looks. The palette contains eight amazing matte green tones and a high-quality shimmery green metal one that resembles sequins.

The eyeshadow is easy to blend and offers a wide range of high pigmentation and smooth, velvety powder to layer effortlessly on the eyes. It’s waterproof and lasts for a long time. The palette is compact and travel-friendly so you can easily stash it in your makeup bag. It’s the perfect make-up staple to have whether you’re going to work or out on the dance floor. Definitely a great starting point toward your beauty journey. The palette is a favorite among professional makeup artists.

Pure Ziva Pressed Powder Single Eyeshadow in Forest Green Matte

This is a forest green, matte, single eyeshadow made by Pure Ziva, suitable for many skin types, especially sensitive acne-prone ones. The product that's made in the USA won't clog pores or cause breakouts. It’s also talc- and paraben-free for effortless green eyeshadow looks. Never tested on animals, it doesn’t contain animal ingredients, so it qualifies as vegan.

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e.l.f. Liquid Metallic Gel Eyeshadow in Aurora

This is a high-impact, multi-dimensional finish eyeshadow that features one-swipe coverage for an amped-up eye look. This liquid eyeshadow delivers a high-impact, metallic finish through multi-dimensional metallic pearls. The aurora tone is like a jade green with a green shimmer.

Formulated for comfortable wear, this long-lasting opaque liquid eyeshadow offers a high shine, reflective, one-swipe metallic coverage you can build to wear anytime. The gel-based formula is quick-drying and long-lasting and is perfect for wearing by itself or for layering with other eyeshadows to enhance your green eyeshadow looks.

They make all e.l.f. products with safe products and free of toxic chemicals. They didn't test these products on animals, and they don’t contain animal ingredients, so they qualify as vegan.

Make Them Green with Envy

The secret to professional makeup is in the way you blend it, and not doing so will make it appear heavy and unnatural. You particularly want to blend your green eyeshadow into the browns for a smooth gradual transition. Our best advice is practice, practice, practice.

There are so many ways you can attain green eyeshadow looks, so you might want to buy several shades and experiment to find a look you like. Peruse among the drugstore dupes. Many of these popular green eyeshadow palettes give you access to a wider variety of tones at a fraction of the cost.

Yes, green eyeshadow looks can intimidate, but keep in mind that dramatic eye makeup has made a huge comeback and graduated eye shadowing, luscious liquid liners, and false eyelashes are currently all the rage. So popular is this look that there’s a whole new trend regarding long lashes.

You can take advantage of many of them to complete your green eyeshadow looks and even opt for semi-permanent lash extensions made of human hair, synthetic silk, and even mink. For sure, there’s a beauty parlor dedicated just to this in your town.

Of course, you must compliment your lovely, thick, and long lashes with the right eyebrow design. Big brows are currently trendy, but the look is slightly bushy, brushed upwards, and more natural. You can achieve it through tattooing or micro-blading or even opt for eyebrow extensions.

Not only that, you can add even more drama to your green eyeshadow looks by drawing thin brow lines above your real ones. Use neon greens that pop and decorate your eyelids with stick-on jewels. Ah, so many looks to try and we only have a single pair of eyes…

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