Give Yourself Full Lips With These Lip Plumping Glosses

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While big full lips have been an “ideal” for women for a long time, they've recently taken off into a whole new realm of popularity. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts have long been discussed as the celebrities with the best lips. But, these old-school celebrities looked a bit more natural than what we see today. In 2015, Kylie Jenner discussed her full face makeover, including a lip procedure. Not long after, she launched her own lip kit which rose to success beyond belief. The first lip kit released sold out within minutes. Women everywhere wanted to try the kits to get full lips. Although the kits don’t quite create the full dramatic transformation Kylie had, they are a solid beauty product. Today, Kylie Cosmetics is worth over 700 million dollars

Lip filler has easily become one of the top beauty procedures to rise in the past few years. In 2018, over 2.1 million lip filler procedures were performed. Lip augmentation isn’t just popular in the United States. Full lips are also quite popular in the UK. In fact, “lip filler” is the most Googled beauty search in the country. Our friends across the pond know what they like. Big, pouty, and full lips are here to stay. 

While the procedure has gained popularity, many women want a full lip look without injecting themselves. They also may be unable to pay the hefty price of undergoing that procedure. On average, a lip procedure costs between $500 and $1000. It may not amount to much if it was a quality investment, but the standard lip filler procedure will need to be repeated every six to nine months. Luckily, there are plenty of lip-plumping options that will give you the full lips you’ve been dreaming of. 

Top Lip Plumping Polishes 

If you are ready to give your lips a little extra oomph, there are so many products that can help. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on achieving full lips. Here are some top lip plumping polishes for you. 

Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream

The Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream is a fabulous lip gloss. It creates the appearance of full lips and will create a tantalizing tingle. The gloss glows wonderfully with a creamy color. The gloss includes a special peptide and hyaluronic acid booster. This product will keep your lips moisturized and soft. It is available in quite a few different shades. Amazon offers the Full-On Plumping Lip Cream in Dolly, Sugar, Celeste, Kimberly, and Amanda. Each of these colors can help to create the full lips you are looking for. 



The Dolly color option of the Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip cream is a sultry mauve color. This color is great for those who aren’t ready for a bold red or pink but want a bit more color than most neutrals offer. Mauve is flattering on every skin tone. The Dolly Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip cream is rated 4.6 out of 5-stars and is available for $23. 

Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish DOLLY COLOR

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Sugar from Buxom is a bit more of a brown shade. The brown-toned lipstick is great to add a bit of depth to your lips. Brown is also great as it helps to warm your complexion regardless of your skin tone. This color option is rated 4.7 out of 5-stars. Choose the Sugar Buxom Lip Plumping Polish for a great addition to your collection.  

Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish SUGAR

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Buxom Full-On Lip Plumping in Celeste is also another great color choice. Celeste is a great peach-beige shade. The light pink nude is great when you are wanting a color that blends and isn’t too overpowering. Celeste will give you a bit of shine but won’t cause a commotion. It is a wonderful neutral option and is rated 4.6 out of 5-stars. 

Celeste Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

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Looking for a great sheer option? The Kimberly Buxom Full-On Lip Plumping Gloss is the gloss you need! This color is perfect for those who like just a little bit extra on top of their natural lip color. It is also great for a starter gloss if you don’t have a ton of makeup experience but really want full lips. The Kimberly color is also good for layering. If you choose a matte lip color, you can easily add a bit of gloss for a great shine. This color choice is a solid pick for a variety of needs. It is rated 4.3 out of 5-stars. 

Kimberly Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

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The Amanda shade option from Buxom is as neutral as it gets. The clear gloss does nothing but add a ton of wonderful shine to your lips. Adding a clear gloss keeps your natural beauty but adds a touch of glamour. The formula includes tons of Vitamin A and Vitamin E to ensure your lips stay well moisturized. This pick is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. 

Amanda Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

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Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss

The Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss is a signature gloss that gives maximum hydration, comfort, and shine. This plumping lip gloss will give you the full lips you have always wanted. The Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss is available with both a High Shine Finish and Shimmer Finish. It is free of sulfates, parabens, and many other harmful ingredients. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Clinical results showed a 29% increase in volume instantly as well as 24-hour hydration. This gloss comes in 9 colors and is offered at $38. No matter which shade you choose, you can find a color that is perfect for your needs. It is rated 4.3 out of 5-stars. 

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss Sephora

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Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper

Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper is a solid choice for your following gloss. This formula is extra strength for long-term plumping effects to give you bigger lips. The Too Faced lip injection extreme plumping gloss will give your lips the hydration and nourishment they need. It will keep your lips feeling voluminous and well plumped. The product is cruelty-free and paraben free. In a consumer study, 98% of customers reported their lips looking re-volumized after one week. 97% shared that their lips felt softer and smoother over time. They also noted that their lips felt hydrated immediately after using the product. The Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper is available for $33. 

Lip Injection Maximum Plump Extra Strength Lip Plumper Ulta

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e.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss – 0.09 fl oz

For a budget-friendly pick, check out the e.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss. The e.l.f. gloss offers a high shine with instant plumping power and soothing hydration. Your lips will appear fuller immediately. The color is sheer with a glossy finish. This lip gloss also is enriched with Vitamin E and Coconut Oil. It will give you a great soothing and cooling sensation. Each of the shades available can be tried on virtually at the Target website. This option is rated 4.2 out of 5-stars and is $7. A deal that good is something you definitely should give a try! 

e.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss - 0.09 fl oz

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Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump

Mega beauty brand Tarte also offers a great lip option. The Tarte maracuja juicy lip plump is called “no-needle plump”. It is an all-in-1 balm, gloss, color, and treatment. It has hyaluronic acid and over 10 superfruits to keep your lips full of moisture. This also helps you avoid fine lines that often occur when lips are dehydrated. “Juicy lips” as they are often called, also contain maracuja oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E. The Maracuja Juicy Lip offers a stained-glass finish with a non-sticky shine. The container is also very convenient. The tube shape just needs to be clicked up and swiped across your lips for the best full lips. This product is vegan and dermatologist tested. It contains no gluten, parabens, or phthalates. The Tarte maracuja juicy lip plump is rated 4 out of 5-stars and is $21. This product will give you a plumper lip for a sultry and irresistible pout. 

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump tartecosmetics

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Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss XL Extreme Plump

Another Ulta Beauty find is the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss XL Extreme Plump. This product will immediately create a buzz, tingle, and zing to plump up your lips. The gloss is great for a finishing touch to your lip look. It provides a great glossy shine to give you a fuller lip. Key ingredients include natural plant oil and plump vectors to create extra plump lips for you. This option is only $14 and is rated 3.6 out of 5-stars. 

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss XL Extreme Plump ulta

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Bee Rx™ Lip Plumping Serum

Finally, if you are ok with going to any extreme, there is the Bee Rx™ Lip Plumping Serum. Everyone knows a bee sting is a great way to achieve plump lips. By applying this serum you will attract bees directly to your lips for the perfect lip volume. Just kidding. But, the Bee Rx™ Lip Plumping Serum does contain bee venom. The potent ingredient will firm and tone your skin immediately. This will help to adjust your lip volume and eliminate fine lines for smooth-looking skin. The serum also contains Kanuka Honey found in New Zealand. It is great to moisturize, clean, and protect your skin. This serum is said to stimulate collagen production within 30 minutes of application. It is also clean, fragrance-free, and naturally sourced. It is offered at $35 and is a great addition to your beauty routine. 

No matter which of these plumping gloss options you select, you will be on your way to nice full lips. There is a ton of conversation about the “best lip plumper.” But the truth is, this is a very personal choice. Some love the tingling sensation while others feel it burns and is uncomfortable. Another major difference is the price point. Some may opt for a more expensive plumping gloss as it's still much less than lip filler. But, some women don’t have a big beauty budget. Luckily, there are some great options at every price point. There are some additional great ways to enhance your lip look. 

While using lip plumping polishes will be effective, you can take your full lips to the next level. Beauty gurus from across the world have found some excellent tricks to enhance your full lips even more. 

Bee Rx™ Lip Plumping Serum

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Best Tips for Full Lips

To create a fuller-looking lip there are some great tips to add to the lip plumping polishes listed. Check out the best tips for full lips. 

Start Fresh

It’s a good idea to start a lip look with a clean slate. Start with a good lip scrub. You can find one online or in stores like Sephora or Ulta. Scrubs like the Dr Pawpaw Scrub will exfoliate, soothe, and nourish your lips. This will allow you to have a great foundation for applying your products. Consider this step similar to exfoliating your face and using primer. After using the scrub you should experience extraordinarily soft lips. You will then want to use lip polish or lip balm to give your lips an extra boost of moisture to avoid the cracked or clumpy appearance of products. There’s not a lot worse than spending several minutes on the perfect lip look for it to end up clumpy at the end of the night. Using a great lip scrub will help to ensure your pout stays perfect all night long.  

Over Line Your Lips

The experts at Seventeen Magazine discuss a top hack for fuller lips: over lining. They explain, “The trick is to put on concealer before your lip color to blur the line between your lips and your face… Apply your go-to concealer to your lips, then trace slightly outside your natural lip line using a lip liner. From there, just fill in your lips with the matching lipstick, or just use the liner for your whole pout”. This trick will give you the appearance of full lips without lip injections. Don’t forget to try out a few different liner options. You can use a liner that is a bit darker than your lipstick and blend for a striking look. You can also stick to a liner that matches your lipstick, this works perfectly for overlining as there isn’t much color differentiation. Just be sure to clean up any excess product with a Q-tip and then dab your beauty blender over the area for a flawless finish. 

Enhance Your Cupid’s Bow 

The beauty experts at Merkai Lane explain this top tip, “Enhancing your cupid’s bow (the dip on the top of your lips) will go a long way in giving you fuller, more magnified lips”. To do this hack, make sure you have a great lip liner. You will want to ensure it has been recently sharpened to fully define this part of your lip. Enhancing your Cupid’s Bow is an excellent way to get full lips, or at least look like you have them! 

Darken Your Pout

Another top beauty trick is to line the outer corners of your mouth with black eyeliner. Yes, you read the right. Using black eyeliner on your lips will help to create an ombre effect. Just make sure you thoroughly blend the eyeliner with a blending lip brush. This trick works best with darker shades of lipstick such as browns and reds. 

Light It Up

Light it up! Your lips that is. Using a bit of wonderfully placed highlighter can also add to your full lips. Creating the right amount of shine in the center of your lips is a great way to enhance your lips. Highlighter will direct light to the center of your lips which is often the fullest part. This tip is an excellent option to add to your beauty routine. 

Try Two Shades of Color

MasterClass suggests using two shades of color. Using two different lipsticks will give an illusion of both depth and shadow. To achieve this look, apply the darker shade on the outer corners. Then use the lighter shade in the center. Rub your lips together and blend for a natural-looking fade. This trick is a lip contour similar to how you contour your face. 

girl with lips


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons to choose volumizing glosses over surgical procedures. Bad experiences with lip filler can leave your face permanently damaged. If a hematoma develops it can cause an infection and damage your tissue and nerves. In the worst cases you could experience necrosis, also known as death to the tissue, which may mean permanent scarring and disfigurement.

It's easy to see why so many people are opting for the less invasive option. Using lip plumping polishes and tips from a makeup artist or beauty expert can get you great results without the high ticket price and without any of the risk. It's true that injections may last for months, but if you aren’t ready to commit to lip filler, these beauty hacks are a great option that you can apply again and again. 

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