Fake Freckles: What to Know About This Hot New Trend


Fake Freckles: What to Know About This Hot New Trend

The makeup industry has done a marvelous job covering up some of the freshest, most innovative faces in entertainment today. Actors, actresses, and models slather on products for photo shoots and onscreen work, and we rarely get a sneak peek of skin in its natural state. 

Even without makeup, some of our favorite celebrities are sporting a very popular beauty trend today-freckles! What we gather as part of regular sun exposure and genetic predisposition is celebrated in Hollywood and beyond as we pay homage to those fresh-faced innovators. They are bringing back the multidimensional complexion. Stars such as Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, Ke$ha, Lucy Liu, and even Meghan Markle proudly sport bejeweled beauty that shines forth from every natural photo. womans face upclose with freckles

What Are Freckles?

Freckles are tiny brown or reddish-brown spots on the skin; they appear most often in areas of the skin that get the most sun exposure. In most cases, freckles are harmless. An overproduction of melanin, responsible for our skin and hair color, is the primary cause of freckle formation. When melanin interacts with ultraviolet rays from the sun, freckles form on the skin.

How Do Freckles Form?

Freckles, known as ephelides, form from sunburns and excessive sun exposure. The most common areas of the skin where freckles form include the face, hands, and upper body. Those with lighter skin tones and hair colors are most susceptible to their formation.

Who Is Most Likely To Develop Them?

Freckles form as a natural consequence of your environment and genetic makeup. A gene is known as MC1R, responsible for making melanin, will produce either pheomelanin or eumelanin, depending on what your MC1R gene has been instructed to do. People who produce pheomelanin are not naturally protected from the sun's UV rays, and they tend to have red or blonde hair, lighter skin, freckles, and skin that doesn't tan naturally.

People who naturally produce eumelanin are a bit more protected from UV damage, and they have brown or black hair, darker skin, and tend to tan more quickly. Both types of melanin are responsible for forming freckles on the skin, but those who produce pheomelanin are more at risk for sun damage and skin cancer over time. Monitoring freckles for size, shape, and color changes will be essential to ongoing skincare and screening.

Interesting Facts About Freckles

For as long as we have noticed differences in skin texture, tone, and color, we have sought to understand the unique patterns of pigmentation that can dramatically alter one's appearance. Whether we collected them as kids who played on the beach for hours to the ones we add as last-minute touches on a runway appearance, freckles are all the rage right now. Let's examine what makes these little beauty marks so intriguing. girl with freckles outside

1. There Are Two Types of Freckles

Freckles exist as ephelides and lentigines. Ephelides are flat, light brown marks that tend to fluctuate in-depth and color with the changing seasons. Freckles tend to darken in the summer and fade in the wintertime, with some people reporting gradually disappearing after applying sunscreen diligently over several weeks. 

Lentigines are also known as liver or age spots, where the skin contains high concentrations of melanocyte cells. These spots darken naturally over time with the addition of UV exposure, and their color doesn't tend to change with changes in sunlight exposure. If you have liver or age spots, keep a close eye on the texture, size, and shape of this pigmentation. Color, texture, and size changes should be reported to a dermatologist and possibly assessed as indicators of skin cancer.

2. Freckles Are Genetic

Freckles are linked to critical genetic elements that play a part in regulating both hair and skin color. The MC1R gene controls how much of two different types of melanin your body produces. An inactive MC1R gene allows for the production of reddish-yellow pheomelanin, leading to light hair, light skin, and a propensity for developing freckles. Active MC1R genes contribute to darker coloring and lighter freckling, though the color of the freckles will be more prominent on the skin.

3. Nobody Is Born With Freckles

No newborn baby graces this world sporting freckles. Freckles almost always develop from sun exposure. Natural chemical interactions occur between the sun's UV rays and levels of melanin in the skin, which are triggered to produce deeper layers of pigment.

4. Freckles Are Indicators

For some people, melanin production is even throughout the skin. Freckles are evidence that melanin contribution is uneven in different areas of the skin. If you have a large concentration of freckles, know that you are not sensitive to the sun's rays but have an increased risk for skin cancer over time. Be diligent about getting an annual screening to rule out the possibility of cancerous growth.

5. Freckles Can Double As Natural Sunscreen

Melanocytes in freckles can act like a natural sunscreen by darkening your whole face and making skin less susceptible to UV rays. Safeguarding your skin with a concentrated, effective sunscreen is still important and having your skin checked annually for signs of skin cancer.

6. Not All Redheads Have Freckles

It's a common misconception that those with red hair sport large quantities of freckles. While they have large concentrations of melanin in the skin, this does not guarantee that our recessive redheads will sport the dominant trait of freckles. Roughly eighty percent of redheads have an MC1R gene.

7. Freckles Were Once Considered "Witches Marks"

Beware, freckle fans. Medieval sirens who sported spots were said to have an intimate spiritual relationship with devils and demons. Freckles were a signal to others that these individuals might be witches; people tended to steer clear of bespeckled complexions not to invite dark magic into their lives.birds eye view of girl with freckles

Gen Z: Setting a New Beauty Trend

In the past year, natural-looking beauty trends have been on the rise, and thanks to Gen Z and TikTok, freckles are all the rage as people sport their natural beauty. For those who aren't naturallyblessedy lovers and influencers give you an additional option for jumping on the bandwagon. Freckle tattooing seems a bit permanent for some, though some people prefer to "set and forget," creating a look that will stand the test of time and perhaps outlast the freckled trend. For those that prefer a bit more versatility, fake freckles are a trend that focuses on the idea of natural beauty features as people return to a more authentic, "no-makeup" look. Soft, ethereal qualities of freckles have become so highly sought after that as early pioneers reached for eyeliner and eyeshadow products, makeup companies jumped at the chance to create and offer faux freckle pens and other products that emulated the natural look of freckles.surprised girl with freckles

Getting Started As you Go "Au Naturale."

Fake freckles can quickly go south if you don't seek to make your look as natural as possible. Follow these tips and suggestions for creating sun-kissed bliss with wild patterns and colors that complement your natural skin tone.

Use a Light Touch

Applying faux freckle products should adhere to a "less is more" look. Hold your applicator comfortably and perform quick dabs to your skin, focusing on small areas first, then spreading out over the skin. Lightly tap your finger on color, blending around the room to diffuse and soften color, then move outward to blend and create additional freckles. Finally, add a touch of bronzer or finishing powder to create a sun-kissed vibe. 

Your freckled complexion should be ready for a day of selfies and sunshine. Use your regular layers of skincare and foundation base before applying freckle product, then dust with translucent powder after applying makeup to set your look for the day. 

Find the Right Product

Completing a finished, freckled look involves finding a product that matches and blends well with your skin tone. Your freckle product should look as natural as possible, with a color a few shades lighter than your natural skin. Start conservatively, and create a natural pattern of freckles as you move outward from the nose and across the cheeks, chin, and forehead.

Top Fake Freckle Products

Freckles have never been as hot as they are right now. Those who have natural freckles are genuinely blessed, while the rest of us clamor and scramble to find the right products that will transform our complexions with beautiful color. Whether you want to make your natural freckles stand out with multidimensional charisma or have a porcelain glow just begging for a few pops of color, check out these top fake freckle products that will help you create your perfect look.

1. Fake Freckles Temporary Tattoo Kit

This comprehensive set of freckle tattoo ink and stencils allows you to get super creative with your freckle vision. Four bottles of tattoo ink will enable you to play mix and match as you decide where to place your stamp on your beauty style. 

Eighty-four pieces of fashionable, cool design tattoo stickers will give you hundreds of options for not only transforming your complexion but for expressing your unique style and fashion choices. A straightforward design of freehand bottles will allow you to draw delicate patterns and blend them for your desired look. 

An all-natural, waterproof formula can last up to 5 days, though it is easily removed with any facial cleanser. Use one color for dramatic effect, or blend colors for a softer, more natural look.

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Fake Freckles Temporary Tattoo Kit

Photo source: Amazon.com


2. Hand Daivan Freckle Pen

The Hand Daivan Freckle Pen is an innovative makeup tool that creates natural, lifelike freckles so you can create your unique freckled look anytime. Use one color for a dramatic effect or two for a softer, blended look. A super, long-wearing formula allows you to build customizable colors. At the same time, the soft felt tip applicator can give you the precision placement of freckles or will enable you to blend outward for a smooth, multidimensional complexion.

Freckle formula dries quickly, remains smudge-proof, and lasts all day long. Swim, sweat, work, and play all day without worrying about your customized look fading away. A natural blend of minerals, crude glycerol, and organic ingredients is cruelty-free and will not cause damage to the skin. Makeup freckles look realistic and whimsical, giving you the look of effortless, truly unique beauty.

Cleanse and prepare skin for makeup as you normally would, then apply a thin layer of foundation before applying freckle product. Start around the nose and blend outward, using the product sparingly, blending and moving across the face until you reach your desired look.

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Hand Daivan Freckle Pen 2 colors

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3. KYDA 2 Colors Liquid Freckle Pen

Go as bold and beautiful as you want with the KYDA 2 Colors Liquid Freckle Pen. The unique liquid texture of this formula will adhere more effectively to the skin, allowing for application precision. Draw tiny, perfect freckles every time, giving your complexion more of an intimate, "imperfect" perfection. 

Two different hues of brown allow all skin tones to find just the right combination of freckled beauty. Use light brown for fair skin and light hair color, while those with deep skin tones and dark hair see dramatic results from dark brown. Blending both colors across the face will give you a softer, more interesting look.

KYDA 2 Colors Liquid Freckle Pen can also be a dramatic liquid eyeliner. Bring your whole look together seamlessly as you swipe across the eyelids for a colorful, finished look that creates supernatural beauty.

KYDA 2 Colors Liquid Freckle Pen
$9.99 ($30.27 / Fl Oz)
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KYDA 2 Colors Liquid Freckle Pen

Photo source: Amazon.com


4. Espoce Natural Freckle Makeup Pen

The Espoce Natural Freckle Makeup Pen will help you create the freckled complexion of your dreams. All-natural, mineral-rich formula comprised of glycerol, water, and antioxidants provides excellent color while conditioning the skin. You effortlessly paint on natural freckles that last all day, resisting smudging, running, and wearing off prematurely. 

The Espoce pen improves upon freckle pen technology with improved pigment color, a more realistic finish, and faster drying as it adheres to the skin. A thin, precise applicator tip allows you to place color where you need it, avoiding the need for corrections and touch-ups that can compromise your complexion. Color confidently, and add interest and depth to your natural beauty. Espoce Makeup Pens also double as an eyebrow pencil; shape those arches and complement your freckles as you bring your whole look together.

Espoce Freckle pen 2 colors

Photo source: Amazon.com


5. KYDA 2 Colors Freckle Pen

KYDA knocks it out of the park again with the 2 Color Freckle Pen. Containing natural pigments of light and dark brown, the resulting color is soft and natural, emulating the look and feel of real freckles. Freckles add a sense of youth and intimacy to your complexion. Many are jumping on the bandwagon in anticipation of adding this trend to their beauty routine. 

The KYDA Freckle pen can be used alone or with various other makeup looks. This bold yet delicate statement adds playfulness and energy to your skin, creating a super natural makeup effect that lasts until you take it off. Use colors alone or blend for layers of color that bring life and depth to your makeup look.

Create the look of youth, sun, and fun as you use KYDA's precise applicator tip to place freckles exactly where you want them. A fast-drying formula ensures that color stays in place yet can be blended for a softer presentation. Use sparingly or manifest bold patterns of color that will make a statement as you put your best face forward.

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freckil pen kyda 2 colors

Photo source: Amazon.com


6. LOKFAR 2 Piece Freckle Pen Set

LOKFAR's 2 Piece Freckle Pen Set allows you to create natural, lifelike freckles to transform your complexion effortlessly. Available in two colors, vibrant light and dark brown pigments are easy to apply with the highly defined felt tip.

A long-lasting formula dries quickly, remaining smudge-proof, sweatproof, and even waterproof. Freckles will stay on until you remove them with makeup remover or cleanser, giving you complete control over your sun-kissed look. 

LOKFAR products are all-natural and cruelty-free. This organic formulation is never tested on animals, and all products are alcohol-free and safe for even the most sensitive countenance. Create your perfect look confidently, knowing that you are providing quality care for your skin.

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LOKFAR 2 color freckil pen

Photo source: Amazon.com


7. Hemperk Freckle Pen

Fake until you make it with the high-quality line of Hemperk Freckle Pens. This pen is available in 4 different colors to suit all skin tones and hair colors; you'll rock a sun-loving look all year round. 

An easy-to-hold, smudge-free applicator features an ultra-fine felt tip for the effortless creation of your look. Place precise dots of color or apply and blend across the skin to get a more casual presentation. Hemperk sports a waterproof, anti-stain, and quick dry formula, giving you the confidence to pursue sweat, sport, swim, and other activities without fading.

Spice up your complexion with a patch of flirty freckles across the nose or give a little extra tint to existing natural freckles. Your beauty creativity is in your hands as you design and draw your best self, one pop of color at a time.

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hemperck freckle pen

Photo source: Amazon.com


Embrace Your Inner Makeup Artist

The trend of freckles is hot and heavy and may last for months and years. Embrace your inner makeup artist with these hot products and begin to create a youthful, intimate complexion as you play with color patterns that add interest and depth to your completed makeup look. Play up the natural, add some bold drama, and get ready to turn heads as you join the thousands of makeup enthusiasts who have to enjoy freckle-faced beauty.

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