e.l.f. Putty Blush Review

Daily innovations perfect one’s makeup look in the extensive beauty and makeup community. There are many kinds of makeup products that didn’t exist even twenty years ago—foundation that adjusts to your skin tone, concealer with color correction, ultra glittery eyeshadow, and even makeup with SPF in its sun protection. What you may not have heard of is the recent innovations with blush.

Blush has usually been available in one type of formula—powder. However, cream blush appears in the makeup industry, and makeup fanatics love it. Today, we’ll look at some differences between cream blush and powder blush and the advantages of using cream blush in your makeup routine. We’ll also give you an honest review of one of the most popular cream blushes out there—Elf Putty Blush.

Differences Between Cream Blush and Powder Blush

Before we talk about the differences between cream blush and powder blush, let’s go over some properties of each. Powder blush is usually pressed into a compact or loose inside an air-tight container. Powder blushes make it easy to apply as little or as much as you want for the coverage you desire. However, powder blush can be streaky or look patchy, depending on the formula of the blush and your skin type.

The cream blush comes in various formats, as opposed to powder blush. Sticks, compacts, tubes, and similar containers are available with cream blush. Because of its consistency, we know cream blush for the youthful look it gives those who wear it and its dewy finish.

Now let’s look at some differences between powder and cream blush. girl with brush


Cream blush is more concentrated and therefore more pigmented than powder blush. A lot goes a long way, so you’ll likely need less cream blush than you think.

Skin Types

It may seem counterintuitive because it is the blush we’re talking about instead of foundation. However, different types of blush can be better for specific skin types. Because cream blush offers that dewy look, it is better suited for dry skin or normal skin types (although there is cream blush explicitly made for oily skin). Powder blush is better suited for oily skin types.

Reaction With Other Makeup

Because cream blush is more of a liquid consistency, it may react adversely when added on top of foundation, concealer, and other makeup. If you’re using cream blush on top of other makeup, we suggest applying it with a finger or beauty sponge and tapping it in because if you rub it in with a brush, you may smudge your other makeup. Powder blush, however, may not have these problems when worn on top of other makeup because it is a powder.

How Long They Last

Because powder blush is easier to blend into other makeup, it lasts longer on one application than a cream blush. If you’re using a cream blush, it may fade over the day unless you can reapply it, unless you have a more significant amount put on your cheeks.

Why You May Want to Switch to Using Cream Blush

Both powder blush and cream blush have their advantages, but there are a few reasons so many people think it’s beneficial to take the plunge and jump over to using a cream blush.

One of the many reasons people love cream blush so much is because it works incredibly well in nearly any climate. Whether you live in a peaceful place that brings cold, dry winters and hot, sticky summers, or if you live in an overall hot place, you can use a cream blush in places with all climates. It gives you a gorgeous, dewy look that is super hydrating during the dry seasons and a sun-kissed glow during the summer months.

You can combine cream blush colors to create your perfect blush color, just as you can combine foundation for your perfect shade. With powder blush, it’s difficult to even apply your desired amount of blush, let alone try to combine different shades if desired. Since cream blush is more liquid-based, it’s as simple as using your fingers to achieve your desired shade. Simply take one shade on one finger and another on a different finger, and buff them together on your cheeks or wherever you apply your blush.

One of the last reasons so many makeup lovers are gravitating toward cream blush is because we can use cream blush for other applications than just blush. You may not even think of it, but cream blush can double as a lip tint or enhance your lipstick color if you want to add more dimension to your look. Its easily buildable coverage allows you to add as little or as much as you want to your face and/or lips. There are genuinely no limits that cream blush holds. pink smear

An Honest Review of Elf’s Legendary Putty Blush

You’ve probably heard of the brand Elf if you’re a professional makeup artist or even someone who is just dabbling in makeup. Elf (eyes, lips and face) cosmetics has a mission to create high-quality makeup products that are still affordable to makeup consumers. They pride themselves on creating a range of beauty products that are cruelty-free and vegan, so many people can enjoy them. Elf is also super creative and innovative, creating products that consumers helped invent, such as putty primer, camo concealer, and, of course, the putty blush.

So far, we’ve discussed nearly everything you need to know about cream blush and why to make a switch. Now, let’s talk about one of the most popular cream blushes you can get—the Elf Putty Blush. We’ll go over Elf’s overall description of the blush and several other factors, ranging from how it applies to consumer reviews of the blush.

Elf Putty Blush Description

Elf describes their putty blush as a velvety yet lightweight blush that can melt into your skin without collecting in your pores. It is pigmented yet buildable, so you can start sheer and work toward a full pop of color. Elf also describes it as perfect for blush on the go because its container is compact and easily transportable. Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, the putty blush also claims to give you a boost of hydration without drying out your skin or putting too much oil onto it.

How the Blush Applies

Elf’s Putty Blush is versatile, and you apply it in several ways. The brand recommends either using your finger or another beauty brush to grab your desired amount of product. Then, gently dab it onto wherever you wish to apply the blush and blend it into your skin or other makeup. You can build up coverage if you want, or you can add a sheer layer. This putty blush holds up to any amount of application you desire. In addition, you can even combine different shades to create your perfect blush color.

Another thing that surprised many consumers about this blush is that you can apply it on bare skin, foundation, or anything in-between. Normally, you apply blush on top of a foundation base for maximum effects or onto bare skin for a sheer look. However, with this putty blush, you can apply it to your bare skin or foundation. It will stay just as pigmented and give you that perfect glowy look you desire.

putty blush shades
Photo source: elfcosmetics.com


How Long the Blush Lasts

Elf doesn’t specifically have a statement on their website saying how long their putty blush will last on one application. However, many consumer blogs and other detailed reviews applaud this putty blush for being long-lasting. It seems as if this pleasantly surprised many people, especially because of this blush’s price point (which we will talk about later on).

Some people prefer to reapply the putty blush after a few hours, as the pigmented pop of color starts to fade naturally. However, many people didn’t have a problem with reapplication because this blush is easily buildable and isn’t a hassle to apply. If you want your cream blush to last all day, we recommend applying a solid base of primer and foundation to your face so your blush doesn’t sink into your skin (which causes the faded look). The cream formula makes application a breeze. Just a quick swipe of your fingers or sponge and then a gentle rub into the skin, and you’re blushing and glowing again!

Finish of the Blush

The finish of any blush is important to many people because it can make or break a makeup look. A blush can offer many kinds of finishes, including sheer, matte, shiny and even semi-matte. Even more confusing is that cream and powder blushes can have different finishes, even if you’ve got the same shade.

Elf took away the ambiguity and guesswork from the finish of its putty blush. On its website (backed by numerous consumer reviews), all shades of the putty blush transform from a creamy consistency and dry on as a semi-matte powder finish. It makes it versatile for makeup ranging from many colors to everyday wear.

Colors of the Blush

One of Elf’s top priorities is to be inclusive of all skin tones and skin types, which is why the colors of the putty blush did not disappoint. Instead of having just a few different blush colors as many other makeup companies may have, Elf has eight different putty blush colors. These pigmented colors come in the following shade names:


Tahiti is a color that’s perfect for fair skin tones and darker skin tones. It represents a basic red blush that’s not too bright and not too dark.  

tahiti elf
Photo source: elfcosmetics.com


Turks and Caicos

This color is more of a pink and orange-toned blush and works perfectly on fairer skin tones, although darker skin tones can also use it. 

turks elf blush
Photo source: elfcosmetics.com



Bahamas is a gorgeous peach color that looks great on fairer and darker skin tones. It is a perfect shade for those who don’t want red or bright colors on their cheeks. 

Photo source: elfcosmetics.com



This shade is a perfect red color for all skin tones that can give you a perfect sun-kissed red glow on your cheek. If you want full coverage, this shade can double as a lip tint or lipstick.

fiji elf blush
Photo source: elfcosmetics.com



Bali is a neutral blush color with darker red undertones. It is perfect for darker skin tones, but you can use it for a bold, darker look on fair skin tones. You can also use it as a lip tint or lip liner.

bali blush
Photo source: elfcosmetics.com


Bora Bora

This color is the brightest putty blush shade, accurately reflecting the tourist destination’s persona. It is a vibrant pink color, making it a loud statement for any skin tone. And, of course, pink is essential to any makeup lover’s blush collection. 

bora bora blush
Photo source: elfcosmetics.com



Caribbean is a shade that has darker pink undertones and is a more down-to-earth shade. This color makes an excellent fit for any type of skin tone, and you can even use it as a lip color.

Photo source: elfcosmetics.com



Maldives is the last putty blush shade that Elf offers. It is a dark red-brown color, making it beautiful on the darkest skin tones. You can also use it with fair skin tones if you prefer a bold look.

maldives blush
Photo source: elfcosmetics.com


Price Points of the Blush

Knowing what we know about Elf so far (in being financially accessible to people), we can only hope that the price points for these blushes are fair. Unless you purchase a drugstore cream blush, many cost more than $20 for one shade, which isn’t feasible for many people. However, for just one shade of Elf’s Putty Blush, you’re only going to spend $7.

These blushes are also easily accessible because they’re sold on various retail websites and in physical stores. You can find Elf’s Putty Blush on Elf’s website, Amazon (which even offers Prime shipping), Ulta Beauty, and many more places.

What Consumers Think

We can evaluate Elf’s Putty Blush from many criteria, but consumer reviews are another critical thing to consider when purchasing any new makeup product. Reviews can help you form an educated opinion on a product and can help guide you to purchasing the best product for you and avoid the ones that aren’t necessarily worth it.

People have a lot of positive things to say about Elf’s Putty Blush. One of the most favorable things about this blush is the quality of the blush for the price people paid for it. Being only $7, few had high expectations for the blush. However, many people discovered it to be highly pigmented, didn’t leave greasy stains on their cheeks, and is easily buildable.

Another factor that concerned people was specifically consumers who have oily skin types. Being a cream blush, many assumed it might be challenging to apply and maintain on oily skin types. However, many consumers with oily skin had success applying and maintaining the look of the putty blush, some not even having to reapply it after a few hours. For those with oily skin, this was a huge relief!

Something else that people look for in their makeup products is the ingredients. Many makeup products that have cheaper price points include ingredients that are harmful to our bodies so the prices can stay low. Some of the most harmful ingredients in makeup can include heavy metals, formaldehyde, and isobutyl/isopropyl parabens, to name a few. However, Elf Putty Blush surprised many consumers because it’s on the cheaper side and doesn’t have any harmful ingredients. In fact, it has ingredients that help nourish the skin, such as vitamin E and argan oil. The Putty Blush also includes antioxidants, which help the skin preserve collagen and give it a youthful look. We also know antioxidants themselves have anti-aging ingredients! It’s also free of alcohol, fragrances, and essential oils, which may pose allergy risks to some consumers.


Many people consider blush to be an essential aspect of a makeup look. You can wear it with or without a full face of makeup, and there are hundreds of different shades which you can use for the perfect look. Cream blush is a recent innovation in the beauty industry that’s taking makeup fans by storm, offering different finishes and a glowy look that powder blush can’t achieve quickly. Elf’s Putty Blush is one of the most popular cream blushes available for a great price and excellent quality. It’s an essential addition to anyone’s makeup collection, whether you’re a professional makeup artist or wear blush daily for that extra pop of color. It offers pigmentation, buildability, and versatility, and it is cheap. There are also eight shades to choose from, with a range perfect for all skin tones.

No makeup enthusiast can go wrong with this product in their arsenal!

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