Best Nude Makeup Options for Sensitive Skin

Three women, Caucasian, African-American, and Asian wearing nude makeup

Having sensitive skin is a unique challenge that requires diligent care. Finding the proper skincare, makeup, lotion, and fragrance is essential to protecting the skin’s delicate layers. Much consideration should be given when trying out new products, especially those that cover your face, such as powder, foundation, and blush. 

Knowledge Is Power When Purchasing Products

The term “sensitive skin” can mean so many different things. For some, chemical sensitivities can cause you to develop rashes, breakouts, and other conditions that are difficult to treat and mask with makeup. For others, allergic reactions are the culprit of skin irritation that can cause irritation, redness, and even painful peeling. Knowing how to read skincare and makeup product labels and translate critical language about skincare and health will be essential in choosing the right combination for you. Let’s delve into some mystical vocabulary to understand your sensitive skin.

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

The word “hypoallergenic” can vary from product to product, and the FDA does not have a standard definition that companies must adhere to when labeling products. A company can use “hypoallergenic” to describe its product as less irritating than other products. Still, it’s always a good idea to go straight to the manufacturer and ask questions if you have doubts about whether their product will work for you. Test on a small area of the skin before spreading across your face and body, and watch for signs of redness, itching, and peeling that could indicate a problem.

What Is Non-Comedogenic?

The word “comedogenic” refers to causing comedones, a technical term for clogging the pores. If a product claims to be non-comedogenic, it is less likely to clog pores, irritate the skin, and cause breakouts. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, it’s a good idea to find products with this label. Steer clear of additives such as mineral oil, coconut oil, lanolin, and fatty acids, as these all contribute to excess oil and breakouts that can move your skin farther from your desired outcome.

Why Should I Look For Fragrance-Free Alternatives?

Added fragrances in skincare and cosmetics are one of the biggest causes of dermatitis, an allergic reaction. Current cosmetic laws do not require companies to disclose the origin of their fragrances. If shopping for cosmetics or skincare in a retail store, ask for tester jars to see whether fragrance-free claims are valid. 

What About Parabens?

Parabens refer to preservatives designed to help keep beauty products bacteria-free as they sit on shelves or in packaging. While paraben allergies do exist, it’s rare to experience them. Many cosmetic companies have moved away from parabens due to concerns about hormone disruption, though the replacements chosen have proven to trigger more allergies than before. To date, there hasn’t been a satisfactory replacement for parabens to ensure a product has a safe shelf life.

Is Mineral-Based Makeup Best for Sensitive Skin?

Mineral-based makeup refers to cosmetics and products comprising finely-milled minerals such as zinc, titanium, iron oxide, and mica. These elements are recognized as more natural than other chemicals used in making cosmetics, and they have an innate ability to shield skin from harmful U.V. rays.

Choosing the Right Product for You

Several factors can cause sensitive skin. Everything from dehydration-causing dry, itchy skin–to ingredient irritation and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and breakouts, sensitive skin presents its unique set of challenges when it comes to caring for and enhancing with makeup. Take these tips to heart when contemplating your next beauty binge.

Prep With the Proper Skincare

An essential step in caring for your complexion is proper cleansing. Begin by cleansing your face and neck with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Please pay attention to the seasons, choose lightly moisturizing for the fall and winter months, and consider switching it to something that clarifies during the spring and summer seasons. The nourishing, all-natural ingredients should be the name of the game when picking a cleanser, and make sure that it’s effective enough to remove dirt, grime, and makeup after a long day, leaving you with a clean canvas once more.

Add Essential Moisture

After cleansing the skin correctly, it’s time to focus on moisture and hydration. Applying a light moisturizer to sensitive skin can make all the difference, protecting against drying and dehydration. Dry layers can irritate all by themselves, so choose a natural formula designed to soothe and calm while paying attention to the skin’s delicate moisture balance. In doing so, you’ll find less need to continue seeing other composing products to add to your complexion. If possible, look for a moisturizer/hydrator with added SPF protection. Healthy, moisturized skin is an ideal canvas to place your makeup. 

Find Multitasking Products

When it comes to applying makeup to sensitive skin, less is more. The more your skin can breathe, the less likely it is to “freak out” with additional layers. Found multitasking wonders to stick to a minimal routine, choosing mineral-based makeup if possible, as it will allow the skin to breathe. Foundation and concealer should only be used on sensitive skin, allowing your natural glow to shine while preserving and protecting its delicate structure. 

Keep Those Tools Clean

It’s easy to allow makeup applicators, brushes, and sponges to become caked and dirty; this negligence can cause irritation to your sensitive skin. Clean brushes and sponges at least once a week, using mild soap and water to rinse off makeup products, then allow to air dry completely before packing them back into your beauty bag. 

It’s a great idea to replace brushes and sponges regularly as well. If removing products from your makeup applicators is becoming difficult, it may be time to switch them out to avoid clogging pores and adding to the skin’s stress. 

Commit to Cleansing Daily

For those with sensitive skin, wearing makeup responsibly is a must. Remove that makeup daily, as it can significantly affect the skin’s clarity and health. Keep cleansing wipes handy if you are on the go, and find a good skincare routine that cleanses, tones, and moisturizes so you don’t keep building on impurities that become locked in your pores. You’ll reveal healthier skin, you’ll need less makeup, and your complexion will take on a youthful, vibrant glow you’ll be proud to show off.

Nude Makeup: The “Less Is More” Look Sweeping the Nation

The quest for the perfect makeup look seems never-ending. 2022’s trends have been no different, with makeup enthusiasts and influencers studying the latest social media trends to see what people prefer. One trend that seems to be taking off at rocket speed is the “nude” or “barely there” makeup look. Leaving bright red lipstick and smokey eye colors behind, young and old alike are choosing softer palettes and playing with their unique features to see how they can unlock new levels of breathtakingly beautiful.

The Craze Begins

One of the pioneers of this recent craze was Alicia Keys when she shocked the media by stepping out in 2016 sans makeup. Other A-list celebrities soon followed suit, applauding Keys for her courage and transparency as she shouted to the world that self-love and confidence were her new colors. Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and a long list of others showed up to boldly face the camera while flaunting their skin tones. As COVID lockdowns took effect, people took to social media to share their experiences with nude makeup and the creative ways to apply it for various beautiful presentations.

Hollywood Following Our Example

Thanks to shared social media experiences and YouTube tutorials, Hollywood celebs took their cues from those of us who began to experiment with neutral colors. Miss Universe 2021 chose nude palettes for her onscreen and lived appearances, with foundations that complimented her skin tone and a hint of nude brown lipstick that played up her natural pout. American icon Lizzo, a self-proclaimed “bad girl” of vibrant colors, also recently jumped on the nude bandwagon. Makeup artist Alexx Mayo seamlessly brought together elements of nature that highlighted Lizzo’s features and played upon this trend perfectly. 

Cosmetics Companies Taking Their Cues

Makeup artists and Hollywood celebrities weren’t the only ones paying attention to the nude social media sweep. Cosmetics companies responded by beginning to produce one-of-a-kind nude color options and new products that appeal to natural skin tone and hair color

Charlotte Tilbury released a line of rose-gold satin and shimmer eye shadow that is delicate and clean, playing up all kinds of eye colors and brightening the complexion with a simple sweep across the lid. Dior released a creamy collection of warm colors to complement everything from fair skin to intense skin tones, and Nykaa NUDESTIX cornered the market on all things lip pencil to blush to tint and cc cream. More options don’t necessarily mean more color, as people are clamoring for this natural look that emulates effortless beauty.

Create, Play, Go Nude

Colors for nude makeup palettes vary from light pinks and peaches to hues of tan and golden brown, depending on your skin color. Rich, earthy tones of brown, gold, and beige are used to create dimension and depth to the face while giving that sun-kissed, makeup-free look. Coppers, bronze, and subtle gold add glamor and play up your natural sparkle.

Where to Start?

It’s possible to have that coveted “no-makeup” look even with sensitive skin. Skincare and cosmetics companies are aware, now more than ever, of the unique skin challenges presented to those with delicate skin. To quell anxieties about adding product to already compromised skin, they have given much thought and attention to crafting formulas that soothe and calm while bringing out your natural beauty.

The following products are some of the best in the nude beauty biz. Play up your natural features, bring out the bold sparkle in your eyes and smiles, and see how much of your beautiful self you can reveal with a “barely-there” look that stands out above the crowd. Which ones will be your favorites?

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow: Warm Nude

Four gorgeous must-have eyeshadow color options allow you to create the perfect look. L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow is a highly pigmented, mineral-rich powder that glides effortlessly across the lid and brow bone, staying in place until you take it off. Super wearable nudes complement all skin tones, while the non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic formula is safe to use on sensitive eyes. An included dual-ended brush sponge and easy-to-use mirror make application nearly effortless. Set the stage for barely-there beauty that makes a stunning statement any time of day or night. 

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow, Nudes
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Lamora Exposed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Lamora’s Exposed Eyeshadow Palette was inspired by a woman’s softer, feminine side. Created with the highest-quality ingredients, this luxurious, richly-pigmented eye makeup spreads creamily across the eyelid and stays in place through the most vigorous activities. Create your unique look with everything from subtle rose golds to rich royal browns as you play with shimmery, natural, and even dramatic nude eyes. Various colors ensure you’ll never tire of the endless combinations of subtle, sensual, and shimmery possible with this palette.  

A natural, all-mineral formula will not irritate delicate or dry skin or clog pores, and an accessible on-the-go application ensures that you can look your best, no matter where your day might take you—the color that canvas and express your unique beauty with this stunning set of nude color options.

Lamora Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup
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Ecofavor Nude Gold Eyeshadow Palette: Natural Naked Warm

This sultry, silky color palette is as easy for beginners as for professional makeup artists. Ecofavor’s Nude Gold Eyeshadow Palette delivers what it promises as you behold a bevy of bold matte and metallic finishes that help you create a multidimensional yet natural look. 

An extremely long-wearing formula contains soft powders that adhere effortlessly to the eyes, giving a soft-focus effect, blending smoothly and evenly into the skin. Its creamy, organic recipe is vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free, providing smooth application and superior color coverage with only the highest-quality ingredients. Great for home play or on-the-go application, this slim compact fits easily in your purse or travel gear for touch-ups and color changes that suit any time of day. 

ecofavor Nude Gold Eyeshadow Palette
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Young Vision Matte Nude Liquid Lipstick

Lips need some nude love, too. Young Vision Matte Nude Liquid Lipstick provides various colors to suit all skin shades and types. The unique matte finish of this all-natural formula is designed to set and forget, meaning you’ll have an elegant sweep of color that lasts for hours as it conditions lips. A commitment to high-quality ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free ensures that even the most sensitive lips are nourished and protected for hours. 

Six nude matte shades give you options to create and play with a perfect pout. An easy-to-apply brush sports an ergonomic design that can simultaneously outline and color lips for perfect shade application every time. Whether you’re new to the nude color craze or a seasoned expert in playing up natural features, you’ll love every aspect of this multidimensional nude lipstick set. 

YOUNG VISION Matte Nude Liquid Lipstick Sets
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Nakeds 12-Color Eyeshadow Set

Nakeds 12-Color Eyeshadow Set will let you create your perfect nude look effortlessly. Excellent flexibility and firm adhesion of shimmering, barely-there color will last all day long. Ultra-secure, break-resistant packaging lets color stay in place as you craft beautiful eyes for casual daytime or dramatic nighttime play. 

With matte and shimmer finish options, you can create unique wet or dry looks that enhance your natural beauty. This shadow is perfect for sensitive skin and contains the highest quality pigments and natural mineral oils.

Nakeds 12-Color Eyeshadow Set
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Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Twelve professional, subtle shades of eye-popping color adorn this Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Makeup Palette. It has all the color options you need to create a perfectly blended, customized nude look, featuring shimmering rose gold pigments, bold beiges, sultry sands, and brazen bronze. High-quality dual-head sponge applicators help color glide effortlessly and blend to a beautiful finish. 

Maybelline’s unique color-enhanced pigment technology, combined with all-natural mineral ingredients and rich moisturizers, ensures that you get a lasting color that makes your beauty routine simple and efficient. Create many looks from one palette of delicious, shimmering colors.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Makeup Palette
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KWOLYKIM Mushroom Head Air Cushion BB Cream

Turn back time on your complexion with this combination skin brightener/highlighter. KWOLYKIM BB Cream effortlessly blends away blemishes, dark spots, and undereye circles with an expert swish of the innovative mushroom puff applicator. Natural plant-based formulas are excellent for sensitive skin; blends of Centella Asiatica extract and tremella extract quickly calm irritated and inflamed skin while infusing it with hydrating moisture and subtle highlights of color that last for hours. Perfect your nude look with an all-over glow of natural-looking, intensely moisturizing color that’s as nourishing as beautiful.

KWOLYKIM Mushroom Head Air Cushion BB Cream
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CoverGirl Professional Loose Finishing Powder: Translucent

CoverGirl Professional Makeup Products has a long and illustrious reputation for helping to improve skin from the inside out. The Professional Loose Finishing powder is all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, containing rich minerals that add balance to the skin; you can be sure that skin is improved in tone and texture with every application. Silky-fine, the smooth powder provides a beautiful finish you can set and forget. Its lightweight formula allows you to build coverage to create your all-natural, sun-kissed look. Use alone or with your favorite nude-inspired foundation for a barely-there, flawless look that turns heads. 

CoverGirl Professional Loose Finishing Powder Translucent
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Tips for Nude Nirvana

If you’ve been a student of bold, vibrant colors for some time, switching to a nude palette may be daunting. Nearly everyone looks refreshed with the right combination of light and sheer shades, and even those with sensitive skin can enjoy nude nirvana with proper skin care and the right blend of all-natural products. Enjoy your new nude makeup look.

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